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MAP Your Way to Marketing ROI

Use the tried-and-true Marketing Action Plan by LAIRE® template to build your own roadmap for achieving marketing goals and growing revenue.

Marketing Action Plan by LAIRE Workbook-COVER 3D 1

Download Our Marketing Action Plan Workbook

Planning is fundamental to achieving marketing goals and ROI as it provides structure, direction, and data-driven decision making. That said, many organizations don’t know where to start when it comes to creating a strategic marketing plan for success.

Our free, interactive Marketing Action Plan workbook will help you craft your own marketing roadmap so you can get clear on your audience, your competition, your brand differentiators, and the tactics needed to drive business growth.

Follow along in our workbook to:

  • Create effective, SMART goals
  • Identify your buyer personas
  • Understand what differentiates your brand from the competition
  • Build a solid plan for your website content, social media, and digital advertising
  • And more!

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