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Laura Laire, Co-Founder of LAIRE | A Digital Growth Agency

At 25, I started a small marketing business from home and by 28, I reached incredible success, earning 6 figures with no degree or experience. I became a Speaker, International Trainer and eventually was hired as a Sales and Marketing Executive on the corporate level.

From launching products with manufacturers for a billion-dollar global company to being a Keynote Speaker at business seminars all over the U.S., Canada, Australia, Asia, and the U.K., I have been teaching marketing, business development, and personal transformation to hundreds of thousands of individuals and business owners for almost 20 years.

As Vice President and Creative Business Strategist at LAIRE, I absolutely live for marketing, creating, and inspiring big ideas. I am known as an uplifter who stimulates positive thinking and high achievement in anyone who crosses my path.

Laura Laire