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We specialize in digital marketing for manufacturing businesses.

No doubt you know lead generation is the key to landing new customers and generating new orders. You need a marketing team that knows how your business works and what kind of customers you are most looking to attract. Your manufacturing customer lead generation tools should include a marketing plan equipped with social media strategy, location and industry-based manufacturer advertising, and a strong website to showcase your capabilities and attract your ideal customer. We help our manufacturer marketing clients with inbound marketing by providing responsive website design, automated lead nurturing, content marketing, and sales pipeline management.

Implement B2B Website Design

Your website is a potential client's first impression, so make it count! A mobile-friendly and intuitive website that speaks to your ideal buyers should be at the top of your list. Let's highlight the work you've done and show how knowledgeable you are in your industry.

Gain Qualified B2B Traffic

Stop interrupting what content people consume and BE the content they consume through relevant and engaging manufacturing content that is of value to them (eBooks, blogs, videos, and more). You know your customers better than anyone. We want to help you reflect this with your content.

Increase Manufacturing Sales

We want to attract visitors, convert them into highly qualified leads, and turn them over to you to close into paying clients. Our marketing plan delves deep into who your ideal clients are and how to attract them to make the most of your marketing dollars.


Growth-driven design propels manufacturer, $100k closed in 1 month

A global parent company of multiple packing and transport supply brands, they sought a solution that would allow them to operate many brands under one cohesive website and easily integrate new brands and products as the business grew.

  • Website users + 83% in 2 years
  • $200,000 in revenue from web leads
  • New leads up 127%


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To make a plan for marketing your manufacturing business, you need to understand your clients. What are their pain points? What are your solutions? How do your clients find you? What channels are you using to market your business?

Our checklist walks you through the must-haves to get started. 


Identify the tools you need to incorporate into your overall marketing strategy.


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LAIRE will help you reach your goals for growth in the B2B space. Understand how your website ranks amongst competitors, what you're doing right, and where you can better optimize your marketing and sales efforts. We promise to leave you with something remarkable.

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