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Marketing Automation Might Be the Answer to Help Solve Your Growth Challenges.

68% of marketers are using marketing automation to scale business growth. 
(HubSpot Research, Not Another State of Marketing, Feb 2020)

Strategic Marketing Automation

Automate Repetitive Marketing Tasks.

Using marketing automation tools creates more opportunity for your business to generate and convert leads faster. Repetitive daily tasks such as campaign scheduling, email follow up and social media posting are critical avenues for communicating with your target customers and keeping them informed. Marketing automation tools allow you deliver more personalized and relevant messaging to your sales prospects when they need it most.

  • Send relevant content based on where your prospect is in the buying process
  • Customize email messaging and timeframe for distribution
  • Target potential customers on the channels they engage with most
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Use Marketing Technology to Connect With Your Target Audience.

Targeted Email Campaigns

Customize email templates with messaging for each audience segment.

Trigger Notifications

Receive notifications when your sales prospects take a specific action.

Lead Nuturing

Move your sales prospects from one stage of the buyer's journey to the next.

Lead Scoring

Know who your best leads are and prioritize your sales outreach around the best fits.

Custom Workflows

Ensure you are delivering the right messaging to the right prospect at the right time.


"LAIRE has been a huge asset in transforming our digital infrastructure, which has improved the reporting and communication between sales and marketing. LAIRE’s collaborative and agile approach has helped us exceed our goals while increasing efficiencies through thorough planning, marketing automation, and guiding us through the challenges of adopting HubSpot."

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Molly Holbert - Director of Marketing, Spaugh Dameron Tenny

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