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Providing Sales Enablement Tools and Support to Help Convert Leads Into Revenue.

The prospect handoff between marketing to sales is where many companies miss opportunities. Oftentimes, marketing cultivates the lead and sales fails to follow up to convert them as a customer.

With sales enablement strategies, LAIRE will set up workflows, notifications, and templated emails for your sales teams to effectively reach out to and track prospect activity. Automating follow-up emails, lead assignment, lead scoring, and effortless pipeline management will allow your sales team to stay in contact with and close more prospects by using sales playbooks and targeted content.


Grow Smarter with Sales Enablement



Solutions to Modern
Sales Challenges.

Sales enablement strategy

From click to close, have a thorough sales process and strategy for the most junior BDR’s and industry vets alike to follow to win higher close rates.

Pipeline management

Track deals more accurately from start to close through your CRM and report all stages, real time.

Sales playbooks

Create a consistent sales process using email templates and snippets for your entire sales team to follow and custom create their own.

Sales flow automation

Moving deals through from one stage through the next automatically with triggers for tasks and follows up.

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Sales Enablement Deliverables By

  • Sales email templates
  • Snippet creation
  • Email sequences
  • Calendar integration 
  • Sales pipeline setup
  • Lead assignment setup
  • Email tracking (opens and clicks)
  • Ranking of most engaged prospects
  • Sales dashboard setup and reporting
  • “Train the team” on-site training
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More Digital Marketing Solutions By

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Marketing Automation & Lead Generation
  • Website Design & Branding
  • Search/Social Paid Media
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"Todd Laire introduced me to innovative and effective methods for approaching sales. By engaging with his process I have acquired the conversational tools necessary for confident and productive sales calls, as well as techniques for finding promising leads. Since I began incorporating Todd's methods into my own sales approach, I've been able to carry more meaningful, organic, and informative conversations with potential clients. I have been able to establish rapport with clients which has allowed me the opportunity to demonstrate my value as a salesperson and the quality of work that Premier Print Group consistently delivers."

Sue Harmon
Susan Harmon - Account Executive, Premier Print Group

"10/10 would recommend to a friend. Working with Todd Laire has given me a leg-up in my position here at Aceyus. He has helped me become a more confident business development representative and truly takes the time to fine-tune the details of my approach. Todd is dependable and genuine. He wants to see us succeed and he gives the support and feedback we need to do so. He has a lot of experience and it shows because his skills are so-well rounded and he knows how to teach you what he already knows. If you are considering working with him, DO IT!"

Libby Jarvis - Aceyus
Libby Jarvis - Business Development, Aceyus

Creative and Professional

"LAIRE is an extremely creative and professional group to work with. From the re-design of our website to the coaching of our sales team, Todd Laire has opened my eyes to a new method of reaching prospects and increasing my sales potential. His energy and enthusiasm are contagious."
February 26, 2021
Wanda Kanagy - Premiere Print Group
Wanda Kanagy - Account Executive, Premier Print Group

"Really enjoying working with Todd, he is dedicated in sharing his personal experiences with us. He has been super helpful with feedback and not just sugar coating everything, but giving us some tough love on how to get better! I appreciate the fact that he takes time to give us articles he finds helpful for us to reach and offers extra 1 on 1 time for each of us that can be invaluable if we go in with the correct mindset!"

Michael Dye - Aceyus
Michael Dye - Business Development, Aceyus

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