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Digital Marketing That Generates Growth for B2B SaaS Companies.

Software as a Service (SaaS) products are unique in so many ways, which is what makes the approach to digital marketing seem unapproachable for many B2B companies. LAIRE encounters this truth with new SaaS clients on a regular basis and we know how to overcome the technical hurdles that come with marketing your proprietary tech solutions. Explore the ways we approach your marketing:

SaaS Marketing Strategy

Creating your revenue goals, attribution, projections, buyer personas, buyer journey mapping, content marketing and SEO plan, and paid media strategy is our first step before starting a website project or lead generation campaign. 

Technical Writing Approach

Your greatest marketing asset is your content. It is essential that your content is relevant, helpful, and easy for search engines and your potential customers to find. Our team of technical writers deliver on that promise for you.

Sales Enablement Tools

While your website is one of your best sales tools, we also help create and refine high-quality sales collateral that aligns with your sales team's initiatives. Evaluating your sales process will allow us to identify any disconnects.


Are You Reaching the Right SaaS Prospects?

Drive traffic, leads, and revenue following our SaaS marketing checklist.

  • Uncover SEO keyword opportunities
  • Create conversion opportunities
  • Evaluate top competitors 

Upselling and Cross-Selling: Revenue Boosting Strategies to Consider

There are many different selling techniques you can practice. So, which ones are most beneficial to your bottom line and for your customers? Cross-selling and upselling are two of the most popular techniques, but many people get them confused. What makes cross-selling and upselling such a vital part of your sales strategy?

Improve customer retention and increase revenue for your business.


"Going through LAIRE’s Marketing Action Plan (MAP) process really changed the game on my expectations of how a marketing strategy and plan should be done. It really allows you to dive deep into your business, your client base, your needs, your goals. It really helped me identify gaps and blind spots in my marketing plan going forward. I highly recommend LAIRE to any company that wants to redesign their website or build customer-focused marketing campaigns that actually work."


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Mike Claudio - Winrate Consulting

Could You Be More Effective at Closing Leads?

With this complimentary guide, you will discover how to use sales enablement through:

  • The six keys of sales enablement
  • How your fortune is in your follow up
  • The eight steps for an effective follow-up
  • How to own your inbox
  • How to create content that leads to contracts
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Free 1:1 Marketing Consult with LAIRE CEO & Co-Founder

"Join me for a live review where we'll grade your website, and discuss ways to improve your traffic, performance, and design. Then we'll dive into keyword ranking, competitor analysis, lead generation, and social media. I can't wait to learn more about your goals!"

- Todd Laire, CEO & Co-Founder

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