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LAIRE is an award-winning agency

We hold awards and honorable mentions from some of the top design, branding, and content recognition platforms. Explore our achievements in these various categories. 

Website Design and Development Awards

Your website is your #1 salesperson, and at LAIRE we go the extra mile to ensure our partner's websites are the best. Our wins in website design and development include: 

  • 2021 Hermes Creative Award for Website Redesign
  • 2021 CSS Design Award for Best UI
  • 2021 CSS Design Award for Best UX
  • 2021 CSS Design Award for Innovation
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Marketing Campaign and Content Marketing Awards

LAIRE has continued the winning streak with awards for our marketing campaigns and content marketing work. While campaigns are all-inclusive marketing efforts for a specific promotion or launch, content marketing can include strategy and implementation of blog articles, premium content offers, and social media. For this category, we have won:

  • 2021 dotCOMM Platinum Marketing Campaign Award
  • 2021 dotCOMM Gold Content Marketing Award
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Branding and Design Awards

LAIRE strongly believes that a great company begins with strong brand guidelines. We have secured awards for our branding projects and launches from:

  • 2021 dotCOMM Honorable Mention for LAIRE Brand Launch Social Media Campaign
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Explore the Details

If you're anything like us, you want to know the details! We've written articles with all of the information you're looking for. You can find each award's respective article below:


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