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What Is Revenue Operations?

Revenue Operations consists of people, processes, and software that purposefully and continually evolve your customer-facing teams’ work to ultimately improve your customer experience. When RevOps is done right, it automates tedious administrative work and data entry of your sales and service teams, enabling them to build relationships directly with your customers. 

It’s a common misconception that marketing’s role ends when sales or customer service begins engaging with new leads. When using an effective RevOps framework, marketing can take its role in revenue generation a step further by providing consistent communication through the entire buyer’s journey with brand and voice. 


Who Benefits From RevOps Solutions?

Your need for RevOps will depend on the stage your business is in. 

Oftentimes, start-ups and smaller organizations are able to meet all or most initial customers themselves. If this is you, you may have found that nurturing these customers through your pipeline and directing your small team personally makes the most sense at this stage in your company’s growth.

Scaling and maturing businesses, however, need strategies in place to optimize and automate business processes. This is where RevOps can have a major impact. 

When you have a successful core product or service and are ready to scale as a mature business, you have to let go of the reins a little. RevOps strategies will allow you to document and optimize your tech stack and the processes surrounding it. In turn, your team will be able to reproduce the same amazing results — without as much oversight.

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How LAIRE Does RevOps

1. Process Discovery

We’ll meet with your team and map out the steps of your process. You tell us which manual processes derail your day, and we’ll find solutions.

2. Efficient Process Mapping

At this stage, we’ll redesign your process map with solutions to minimize manual processes, saving you time for meaningful interactions.

3. Flexible Consulting

We’ll improve your processes no matter what tech stack you’re working with, minimizing new tools your team has to learn.

4. In-Depth Training

Learning takes repetition, so in addition to training sessions with your team, we’ll provide videos and training documentation.

5. Process Implementation

We’re here to support your RevOps implementation at every step. Need to troubleshoot? We’re here for that too.

6. Observe & Analyze

Your business is constantly evolving, and your RevOps strategy and processes should too. That’s why we’re here to keep a pulse on your processes for optimizations.


Why Hire a RevOps Agency?

It can be difficult to evaluate your processes cross-functionally without a dedicated and independent role for it — especially if your team is used to the inefficient processes they’ve utilized for years. 

That’s why bringing in revenue operations consultants can be a game-changer for your company’s cohesion across customer-facing teams and, ultimately, revenue generation.

With a dedicated RevOps team like LAIRE at your side, you can meet your goals while benefiting from a fresh perspective at a fraction of the cost of building an internal team. 


Revenue Operations Workbook

When done correctly, you can build RevOps into a powerhouse system that aligns your sales, marketing, and service departments to flow effortlessly and efficiently. Download your copy of our workbook today and start fresh with RevOps!

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"LAIRE has been a huge asset in transforming our digital infrastructure, which has improved the reporting and communication between sales and marketing. LAIRE’s collaborative and agile approach has helped us exceed our goals while increasing efficiencies through thorough planning, marketing automation, and guiding us through the challenges of adopting HubSpot."

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Molly Holbert - Director of Marketing, Spaugh Dameron Tenny

Ready to Reap the Benefits of RevOps Consulting?

From planning to RevOps implementation, we’re here to align your customer-facing departments and maximize your revenue potential by eliminating inefficient administrative tasks.

To learn more about a strategic partnership between your company and LAIRE — and how we can take your revenue operations to the next level together — fill out the form.

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