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Unlock Your Marketing Potential and Reach Your Business Goals

When you partner with LAIRE to explore your marketing initiatives and where your company can grow, our experts take a deep dive into what sets your company apart from your competition, building a strategy and creating a plan for how your marketing efforts can reach a larger audience of your ideal customers.


Effective B2B Digital Marketing Strategy Starts With Market Research.

Research shows that 72% of businesses perform market research but only ~22% plan on performing research this year. This suggests that many businesses still take an ad-hoc approach to their market research.

Businesses that regularly research their competitive landscape and update competitive enablement materials are 2x more likely to see revenue increases. The irregularity of many businesses’ approach to market research suggests that businesses are overlooking a significant revenue opportunity. (State of Marketing Report 2020 - HubSpot)

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Know Where You Really Are and Create an Effective Business Marketing Plan.

The only true competitive advantage in today's changing market and economy is not just having a business plan, but having a marketing plan or "road map" that can take you from where you are to where you want to be.

At LAIRE, we understand the importance of elevating your brand to stand out above the noise. Our approach to creating highly effective marketing campaigns starts with a map that charts your business goals, identifies your target customers, develops targeted messaging, and aligns your services or solutions with campaigns to reach and to solve your customer's biggest challenges.

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Benefits of a Marketing Strategy for Your Business

When most businesses set goals to grow, they immediately jump to the tactics they think will make an impact. Tactical marketing elements could include logo, brochures, website, social media posts, emails or contact lists among others. Seldom do business owners or leaders of companies start by developing a strategy that drives all marketing tactical pieces first.


"We always ask this question and more times than not, they don't have anything written out."


How We Help You Create a Strong Marketing Strategy

Identify & research
your target audience

Defining your audience is key to building an effective marketing strategy. You need to understand your ideal customers in order to reach them through digital messaging. When we craft buyer personas for your brand, we perform extensive research to gather the essential demographic and psychographic insights needed at the core of your marketing strategy.

Align your sales
and marketing goals

While the day-to-day actions of your sales and marketing teams differ, the goals of these two departments are the same: convert leads into customers and drive sales and revenue for your business. At LAIRE, we help you identify and align these key goals in order to inform an effective marketing strategy for your brand. This approach will improve your marketing ROI and create clear growth objectives for your marketing and sales teams.

Audit your existing
content and resources

Analyze, optimize, repeat. Everything we do is based on analyzing your data and creating a custom marketing plan that works for your business. From website design, to paid ads, to social media posts; we will regularly test, improve and optimize your marketing resources for peak performance.


Marketing Action Plan by LAIRE®

The Marketing Action Plan (MAP) by LAIRE® is a strategic roadmap tailored to meet your specific marketing and revenue goals in the B2B space. Through an intensive multi-week process, LAIRE conducts extensive brand research and maps out a growth plan with key deliverables and action items for your business. Based on our research, LAIRE digital strategists will construct a unique marketing plan that aligns with your goals for growth.

Buyer personas

Your buyer personas help guide your strategy and messaging at every level by allowing you to reach different segments of your target customers with highly relevant and valuable information.

  • Current Client Assessments
  • Define Pain Points
  • Align Your Solutions

Brand remarkables

Brand differentiators or "remarkables" are the driving force that helps your company stand out from your competition. If your offering isn’t remarkable, your brand will be invisible to your target customers.

  • Brand Visibility
  • Remarkable or Nothing
  • Unique Value Propositions 

Website experience

You have less than 10 seconds to capture a new visitor’s attention on your website. If you are struggling to convert website leads, your user experience likely needs improvement.

  • Improve UI/UX Design
  • Lead Conversion Opportunities
  • Story Telling Content

Content strategy

Boost your digital footprint with an inbound approach to content that will help you capture your ideal prospects’ attention. You need content that addresses customer pain points and provides a solution.

  • SEO Keyword Research
  • Blog Implementation
  • Inbound Marketing Strategy

Social & paid media

Expand your reach and deliver personalized messaging to your ideal clients by effectively targeting your buyer personas on paid search and social platforms.

  • Paid Search & Social
  • Paid Ads Budget
  • Campaign Performance

Marketing implementation

From blog optimization to website and CRM management, keeping your marketing strategies in action requires constant effort. Save time and grow revenue by working with a team of specialists at LAIRE.

  • Projections & Benchmarks
  • Campaign Setup & Optimization
  • Reporting & Insights

"Going through LAIRE’s Marketing Action Plan (MAP) process really changed the game on my expectations of how a marketing strategy and plan should be done. It really allows you to dive deep into your business, your client base, your needs, your goals. It really helped me identify gaps and blind spots in my marketing plan going forward. I highly recommend LAIRE to any company that wants to redesign their website or build customer-focused marketing campaigns that actually work."

Screen Shot 2020-06-12 at 1.32.03 PM
Mike Claudio - Winrate Consulting

"We have loved our partnership with the LAIRE team. They are creative marketing experts that continuously brings new ideas to the table and for the branding of our clients. They truly take the time to listen to our needs, matching the level of attention we give to our own clients!"

LPL Financial - Marketing Manager

"We have been working with LAIRE for several years. When we first came to them we were in great need of good, consistent leads. Through their very professional and well-structured process, LAIRE has helped us acquire an endless number of very well-qualified leads which almost tripled our revenue in the time that we have been working with them. They are a company of accountable, communicative professionals. Plus, they are super nice! Thanks LAIRE for all that you do."

Bob Tilghman
Bob Tilghman - Tilghman Builders

Every Marketing Win Starts With a Plan

The Marketing Action Plan by LAIRE® is your roadmap to creating a winning strategy for achieving goals,
generating leads, and boosting revenue.


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