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When it comes to using HubSpot for sales, reps want to be able to connect with prospects and turn them into customers in the most helpful way. For marketers, this means developing a lead nurturing strategy to build long-lasting relationships with customers. And while customer relationship management (CRM) tools are an extremely valuable part of implementing the sales enablement process, there is a similar value when used by a sales team.


Our Favorite HubSpot CRM Tools for Sales

Having the right tools can give a sales rep a strong competitive advantage. According to studies outlined in Forbes, sales reps spend, on average, less than 18% on a CRM platform. The reason – traditional CRM tools and their lack of sales technology integration are extremely frustrating for sales reps. 

HubSpot is different. HubSpot was built from the ground up as part of HubSpot’s platform, unlike a lot of software that’s been built by acquisition – all to help sales and marketing teams grow their business. It’s both powerful, and easy to use.  

The most popular HubSpot Sales tools include:

  • Beautiful, professional-looking email templates that allow for customization and personalization.
  • Tracking and analytics to understand the efficacy of your work.
  • Document tracking to more easily generate purchase orders and sales collateral.
  • Call tracking and recording to stay on top of prospects and customers alike.
  • Contact management to keep your sales contacts organized within your CRM.
  • Lead scoring to identify quality leads for your team to pursue.
  • Automation with sequences and workflows to automate manual and repetitive tasks to save time.
  • LinkedIn integration to help generate, nurture, and engage with leads and prospects on the LinkedIn platform.
  • Sales pipelines with deal stages that allow sales to track their deals and manage their pipeline so they always know what their prospects need


5 Tips to Improve Your Sales Efforts Using HubSpot

A sales team should not have to worry about time-consuming, manual administrative tasks. Their focus is best spent on finding new customers, getting more opportunities into the sales cycle, and focusing on ways to increase sales and surpass quotas. HubSpot’s sales software aims to provide a more effective sales enablement solution for both sales and marketing. To help you take advantage of the benefits, we’ve provided actionable tips to help make the most of your CRM.

1. Consider Hiring a HubSpot Partner Agency

If resources, time, and results are a top priority for you, then hiring a HubSpot Partner Agency is your best option for growth and success. HubSpot is a powerful tool with a user-friendly interface, but setting it up in a way where you get maximum advantage can be tricky without the help of a certified HubSpot partner. 

Hiring a HubSpot agency partner reduces your stress level with their experience and know-how. HubSpot partners have access to more CRM tools and platform technologies. Partners also undergo certified training on new marketing techniques in order to provide the necessary support to achieve your sales and marketing goals.

2. Get in Your Portal EVERY Day

We recommend spending just five minutes each day within HubSpot to gradually increase your familiarity with the HubSpot platform, without feeling overwhelmed. Once you adjust to the platform’s learning curve and working within it becomes a form of habit, the results will keep you using it. 

HubSpot calls this the walk/run approach. Spend five minutes doing something simple, like entering in contacts or tracking new SQL activity (walking). Once you’re comfortable with this activity, incorporating new tools and processes will be easier and help your sales initiatives become even more effective (running).  

Most salespeople spend a bit less than one-fifth of their day on a CRM platform or actively using their CRM features. If you find it difficult to log in, HubSpot’s mobile app makes it even easier to quickly enter data when and where you need to. 

3. Assign A Single HubSpot Point of Contact

As a team, everyone is working on collective goals that coincide with the overall sales enablement initiative. But it’s important to assign a single point of contact to handle all things HubSpot-related and to help everything stay on track. This person is an information coordinator and decision-maker. They will schedule regular meetings, set meeting agendas, decide what new tools your team might learn, set milestone deadlines, track platform progress, and direct information where it needs to go.

4. Get the Team’s Buy-In

Sales and marketing teams share the pursuit of common goals, objectives, and often business priorities. When the teams work together and follow sales enablement best practices, it provides a more consistent customer experience at all stages of the user journey. 

You can emphasize the importance of teamwork and collaboration from the start, beginning with buy-in. When presented with the idea of working within a CRM, keep in mind HubSpot sales software includes everything you need for sales productivity and optimization on a single platform. Rather than splitting your time, energy, and information across multiple platforms, HubSpot’s sales software allows you to do all your work under one roof.

5. Have an Onboarding Session

An onboarding session is an important step on your CRM journey. It shows the business is invested in this new software, and that learning its mechanics is of top importance. When you get started with HubSpot, you can either onboard with HubSpot directly or with a HubSpot Agency Partner. HubSpot provides learning resources and informational videos to help you understand the technical setup process and how to use the platform.  

To simplify the process, your HubSpot Agency Partner can help with the onboarding process. While you focus on sales, let your HubSpot partner do the setup for you to help save time, energy, and resources.

In your first onboarding session, consider addressing the following:

  • Next steps your team can follow to get going.
  • Major milestones within a specific time frame to learn and implement each aspect of the HubSpot platform.
  • SMART goals for each team as they relate to broader business initiatives.
  • Priority management expectations that come with balancing CRM learning along with current workloads.
  • Where to go for support when it comes to learning resources and needing additional help juggling responsibilities.



When sales and marketing are not aligned, potential business opportunities fall through the cracks. Thanks to HubSpot’s wide range of sales and marketing tools, it’s possible to bring everything under one platform umbrella for the ultimate closed-loop reporting process. When your marketing and sales teams overcome problems with the sales enablement and marketing automation tools within HubSpot, everyone succeeds. 

Learning a new tool and new processes will take time. If you’re looking for a guide or additional sales team support, choosing to work with a certified HubSpot partner will ensure a smooth transition. LAIRE will make the most of your sales and marketing tools to help you accurately identify and achieve your business goals. Contact us for a free marketing assessment!

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Todd Laire

Todd Laire

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