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Business-to-business or B2B marketing through LinkedIn makes perfect sense, right? LinkedIn is a social media platform designed specifically for businesses and professionals. If you have a B2B company and you are not using LinkedIn to market your products or services, you are missing out. 

Don't worry if you haven't dived into the world of LinkedIn yet,  it's never too late to get started. We wrote this article to give you an idea of all of the best ways to make an impact on the social media channel.


B2B Marketing on LinkedIn 

1. LinkedIn Advertising

What I really like about LinkedIn Advertising, is the fact that it lets you get really granular with your targeting options. LinkedIn Advertising lets you target professionals and companies based on industry, job role, seniority,  specialized groups, skills (which can be competitor products, goals, key specialities - which could all be indicators of niche markets). For example, if you want to find professionals that specialize in "home remodeling" or "fix and flips," you can set those skillsets as your targeting criteria and reach the people that specialize in those areas. The same goes for software. You might want to reach graphic designers that have experience in Adobe Photoshop or an accounting software.

Although your audience size might not be that large in LinkedIn, you're going for quality over quantity. And LinkedIn is great for that. If you set your budget on a CTR campaign, you're not getting charged for the impressions, which means you're only getting charged for people that are interested in the content that you're offering. 

The key here is to be patient and always remember to set experiments.  

You can even target companies of your choice with specific messages in personalized ad campaigns. You can find the right companies to target in Sales Navigator (another great feature in LinkedIn). Once you get into the Ad campaigns, starting adding the companies you want to target into your campaign. There are two things to keep in mind. First, you can only target 100 companies within each campaign. And two, you must reach a threshold of LinkedIn members to launch your campaign.  

The one negative with this is, if you're trying to go after extremely small companies with less than 10 employees and you hit the "100 company" mark... and you don't have a big enough audience size, you won't be able to launch your campaign.

On the up side, LinkedIn Ads also allows you to do retargeting. For instance, if you set up retargeting on your website and through LinkedIn, you can follow your website visitors with social messages on LinkedIn. 

2. LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups helps you create relationships with potential buyers! You can post content in groups to increase brand awareness, establish your company as a thought leader, test product or service ideas, and generate leads for your company (for free).

We love using LinkedIn Groups because you can basically get free leads. As a piece of advice, just make sure that you're not posting too much content that's "all about you." For example, you don't want to put a client testimonial in a LinkedIn Group. People join groups to get thoughtful content that helps them get answers to their pains or helps them be more efficient or productive at work. It's important to create relationships with the people in the groups. If people ask questions and you're an expert, provide answers for them. Help them! Then post a link to an e-book that could help them. Your best case scenario is they download our content, become a lead, enter your email nurturing funnel and then convert into paying customers.

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3. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

My favorite part about sales navigator is that it helps you with market research. Most B2B companies are on LinkedIn and if that's where your personas are, I would highly recommend making the investment. It's a great tool for finding and saving accounts that are a good fit for your company. It allows you to segment markets on everything from department size, function and keywords (which could help you narrow your search).

After saving your accounts, another benefit of sales navigator is saving leads in those accounts. This is great for sales folks. You can set up alerts on your leads. Through alerts you get updates on job changes, whether they leave or get promoted. You get updates on major changes that an account in undergoing. You can even get updates when those leads post articles and can see the content they are sharing - on a company or lead level.  This can not only drive your content strategy, but it allows you to create highly personalized message and ad campaigns with content that resonates with them. 

4. Influencer Marketing

LinkedIn is an effective channel for influencer marketing. Position your company (and yourself) as an industry leader by providing useful content, engaging with influencers and you'll watch your following grow. Are any of your industry thought leaders on LinkedIn? Are the people your key personas look to for information on LinkedIn? If they are, it would be worth your time to create a relationship with influencers. Not only that, but commenting on their posts or sharing their articles brings you brand awareness and puts you in front of your personas. See how your visibility provides opportunities to make sales.

5. LinkedIn Publisher

You should be posting blogs and industry news on LinkedIn Publisher! Why? We've seen people go from expert (that not many people know about), to industry thought leader in just DAYS. Think about it like this. You're creating content quickly and you are staying up-to-date with the latest trends. By creating thoughtful articles that are "top of the news" your content could sky rocket to the entire LinkedIn network through LinkedIn Pulse. (Which is more than 500 millions professionals.)  Your target personas will see you as a trusted resource, your authority on a topic will increase and your reach will increase exponentially.

There you have it, five ways LinkedIn can help your B2B marketing. Social media platforms are always evolving and changing. If LinkedIn add or removes and useful tools, we'll be sure to let you know. Make sure you subscribe to our blog to never miss an update.