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There’s an endless amount of marketing strategies and plans businesses can adopt. But they all have one thing in common - you have to make sure your plan is taking your ideal clients (aka buyer personas) into account. If a marketing effort is going to fail, it’s because it’s not based on research - specifically research on your target market.

What do you know about your ideal clients? Having a thorough understanding of your target audience will guide every step you make to actually reach them online.

What is a buyer persona?

Buyer Persona Research and Planning

Buyer personas are semi-fictional representations of your ideal customer. At LAIRE, we place a high value on researching personas. It's so important for us to know about and talk to our clients’ best customers. This informs us of what marketing plans will be the most productive and where to focus our time during implementation.

If you have skipped this step in creating your marketing strategy, stop what you’re doing and do your homework. Here’s why buyer personas are so important.

Buyer Persona Research Means More Effective Marketing

Believe it or not, buyer persona research can be an enlightening experience. Researching your personas can provide a new perspective on your business that you’ve never considered.

It's true; business owners and marketers sometimes live in a bubble. But the fact of the matter is that it's important to get customer feedback. It's one of the best ways to make sure that you’re communicating effectively with your audience. For example, what you call one of your products or services might not be what your customers call it.

Website Messaging
Knowing who your ideal customers are is key, as well as understanding their pain points and challenges. Persona research will improve your website visitors’ experience when the text on your web pages appeals to them.

messaging that appeals to your buyer persona - happy website visitor on laptop

Also, your navigation should have what they need and make it easy for them to quickly find what they are looking for. Otherwise, they may bounce right off your site without looking at any other pages. 

Buyer challenges and pain points should always influence the content you’re producing. Make sure your content is serving your ideal customers by solving a problem, providing a resource, and so on. 

Persona research also factors into search engine optimization best practices and techniques. Understanding the lingo your ideal clients use will help you appear in more searches online. Plus, if you are in tune with your ideal clients and create content that truly answers their questions and concerns, you will be seen as a trustworthy resource and a subject matter expert. Additionally, businesses that produce relevant and helpful content typically stand out amongst their competition.

Businesses choosing to advertise need to know where their ideal clients are, what types of media they consume, and what their behaviors are on those platforms. Reason being - the best advertising campaigns are highly targeted.

In fact, you’ll find the best return on investment comes when you spend your advertising budget to reach the right people that are the best fit for your company with specific messaging they will identify with.

Social Media

Social media is an excellent tool any business can use to promote a brand, drive website traffic, and engage with its audience. How do you know which social channels are best to use? You guessed it! Buyer persona research. You can never assume your target audience is on Facebook or any other platform. Take the time to learn where your people are by asking them directly. 

Persona research also influences sales. When a lead is ready to speak with a salesperson, that seller should know how that lead prefers to communicate. A phone call may seem too personal to a lead, and an email may seem too sterile. Doing your buyer persona homework will better influence your communication methods with your leads. 

talking to your ideal buyer personas - business woman on phone

Do The Work. Never Wing It.

Every marketing and sales initiative should be based on research or data, and that includes buyer persona research too! Take the guesswork and assumptions out of your marketing and sales. Keep your persona research on-hand and challenge processes and techniques at your company to make sure they are evolving with your target market.

Yes, it would be best to do the homework before you write, design or post anything but it’s never too late to get started. If you need any helping nailing down your company’s ideal customer or persona, let us know. We take pleasure in producing results for ourselves and our clients. And the only way we can promise results is to do the research!

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