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Who Is the Magician  |   Personality Traits   |   Color Palette   |   Ideal Audience for Magicians  | 
Magician Brand Examples  |   How to Own Your Archetype

Sleight of hand and an over-the-top personality allow the Magician to impact what their audience experiences. They can turn someone's dreams into reality or pull others into their dream of how things can be.

Does your company align with the Magician brand archetype? Try on a wizard's hat for a moment and imagine what your brand might look like if you chose to own the Magician brand personality.


Understanding the Magician Brand Archetype

As a Magician, you don't work outside the realm of physics, data, and natural law. On the contrary, you have a very deep understanding of how the world and the human mind work. You know that much of what people think they know is already an illusion.

This knowledge is the ultimate power. It allows you to use the "law" to create immersive experiences. You make your audience feel like they are the "chosen one" who can rise above the crowd (or their humble beginnings) to achieve greatness.


Regardless of which of the 12 brand archetypes you choose, all strong brands have one thing in common: They stay true to their core beliefs.

This helps you differentiate yourself from the brands who don’t really know who they are and helps the right audience find you — which ultimately drives revenue and growth.


The Magician Brand Archetype Personality

The Magician brand archetype is characterized by a set of distinct personality traits that revolve around transformation, innovation, and the pursuit of making dreams come true.


  • Optimism
  • Wisdom
  • Innovation
  • Expansion
  • Drive
  • Charisma
  • Daring
  • Insight

A Magician’s Strengths

No one expects you to color inside the lines, so you’re in the perfect position to truly amaze and surprise others. As an idea-generator and world-builder, you have the potential to create an infinitely loyal following because people like how they feel when they're with you.

People are willing to pay a premium for the experience you build around your product.

A Magician’s Challenges

Thinking big and being the first to do something can have negative unintended consequences. Things don't always work as planned. But as a Magician, you never give up on your dream, even if you need to pivot and redirect attention while you go back to the drawing board.

Some may perceive your brand as out-of-touch or manipulative — especially competitors. But your loyal following believes in you and rallies around you to protect your vision.


The Magician Brand Archetype Color Palette

Color is a powerful attractor, and studies show that certain people are drawn to certain colors. To better align and attract your ideal audience, you’ll want to use specific colors in your branding that match their preferences.

Magician brand archetype colors include the following, which each have subliminal meaning to your audience:

  • Red: Love, boldness, energy, strength
  • Black/Dark Gray: Power, intelligence, elegance, protection
  • White: Purity, innocence, balance, freshness

Let’s take a look at an inspirational color palette for the Magician brand archetype:

Brand Archetypes Color Palettes_The magician


Who Is the Ideal Audience for Magician Brands?

The ideal audience of the Magician is fascinated by the unseen forces that guide our lives. They want to become part of the magic you represent and see it as an opportunity for personal or professional transformation.

Your customers are often leaders and influencers themselves who want to reach their true potential.


Magician Archetype Brand Examples

Several companies exemplify the Magician brand archetype exceptionally well through their visionary approaches and innovative products. The most successful companies include:


Walt Disney

Walt Disney, the man, was a Magician. He built a world "where dreams come true" and invited guests to experience the magic in the world through television, movies, and theme parks.

When live-action didn't give him the freedom he needed to express his vision, he used animation. This allowed him to build a world where dogs can be friends with foxes, fairy godmothers help girls living as servants snag a prince, and people can experience the world of tomorrow — today.

And, of course, the Disney brand continues this legacy to this day



You know you're a Magician when you can get people to pay three to four times the cost of a regular vacuum. Dyson took a boring, everyday product and made everybody want one.

They've done the same with hair care devices, air purifiers, and even pet grooming tools. The sleek designs and innovative technology have customers following Dyson to learn what they will design next.



Pixar is known for its groundbreaking work in computer animation and for producing highly acclaimed animated feature films — a couple of which were nominated for Academy Awards.

They’re incredibly adept at storytelling. Just watch a few minutes of Up and you’re bound to be in tears. Spend an evening watching WALL•E and you’ll be inspired to get up and make changes in your community.


How to Own Your Magician Brand Archetype

Magician archetype brands take on a bold personality that has the potential to do a lot of good in the world.


It's vital that you own your brand 100%. Perceived inauthenticity can come back to bite you.

Branding consistency is critical. Your Magician brand archetype voice, colors, vision, values, logo, and customer experience should all communicate "I'm a magician — follow me to live your best life" without having to say it.

There are three levels of the Magician archetype brand you can use to differentiate your brand from the competition further — and develop a deeper bond with your audience. How far down the rabbit hole you choose to go is up to you.

  • Level 1: Your brand is filled with magical moments that mesmerize and entertain. Your audience feels happy and transformed — at least for the moment.
  • Level 2: Your brand is all of the above but with a sense of flow that makes the experience feel integrated into daily life with the potential to last. Your audience experiences real mental, physical, professional, and/or spiritual growth.
  • Level 3: Your brand appears to make miracles happen. You seem to defy natural law, but only because you have such a deep understanding of psychology. You know that perception is a person's reality. You create an environment that supports a person's inner power to change how they experience the world.

Magicians have superhuman power to generate word-of-mouth hype because their brands and products are exciting. Be ready to channel this energy into big product launches, increased revenue, and a boost in growth.


Build Your Brand and Make Magic Happen

Magician archetype brands can make dreams come true. They have a deep understanding of how the world works and can use this power to positively affect how people perceive reality.

Choosing a brand personality is not a decision to take lightly. It's important for the persona you take on to feel right and reflect how you run your business.

If your business is considering adopting the Magician brand archetype or exploring other branding possibilities, schedule a free 20-minute branding assessment with our team.

We’ll help you evaluate your current branding strategy and explore opportunities for growth and alignment with the archetype that best suits your brand.

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Laura Laire

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