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Case Study Overview

SaaS company with sole referral business adopts digital marketing and realizes revenue growth and company expansion.


Innovative Dashboard Reporting for Contact Centers

Aceyus started as a software company serving contact centers, with the goal of bringing visibility to the data behind every customer interaction. From core telephone data tracking to the maze of omnichannel communication, Aceyus continues to advance its data aggregation capabilities to bring actionable insights needed to improve the customer journey, now applying their technology and dashboards to additional teams working in IT/Helpdesk, Marketing, and Sales. 

Our agency first met Aceyus in 2018, and at the time they held several large contracts with national call centers. Their main marketing activity was trade shows, and most business came from referrals, and as result, they were looking for a reliable way to grow their lead pipeline. They had a disjointed digital presence, with an outdated website, no social media, little to no content marketing, and no structured lead follow-up.


The Goal

Initial: Establish Marketing Strategy for Reliable Revenue Growth

The first step we took in working with Aceyus was to dive deep into their target audience and set a marketing strategy in our 8-week project of creating a customized Marketing Action Plan (MAP) by LAIRE®. The goals we set in 2018 were:

Case Study - Aceyus Goals

  • Increase website traffic
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase demo requests
  • Segment, analyze, and optimize website visits
  • Improved content management & promotion
  • Implement a CRM for lead management and marketing
  • Adjust website and brand messaging to capture leads

Recent: Increase Revenue Growth and Expand Software Use Cases

After Aceyus had 2 years of foundational marketing activities and establishing their digital presence, they set next-level revenue goals and planned to expand their software use beyond contact centers.


Our Strategy 

Website Updates & Development

In November 2018 we moved their existing website content from an outdated design and non-user friendly platform and created a Phase 1 website on the HubSpot CMS. Utilizing this platform would allow us to easily add content and new pages as their software product offerings grew, as well as implement lead generation through the HubSpot Marketing tools. 

The secondary focus was to increase demo requests, and strategic landing pages and campaigns we created to drive traffic to demos. 

A new Phase 2 design for their website was created and developed in 2020, and our team focused on creating additional SEO-strong content page content and improving the user site experience. Site lead generation activities were expanded with optimized calls-to-action, progressive forms, and optimized landing pages. 

The next phase of improving their website will take place in Q3 2021, expanding messaging and content to cover the new use cases for their dashboard software with IT/Helpdesk, Marketing, and Sales teams. 

Increase of website traffic from 2018 to 2020:

Aceyus Session 11_18 to 6_20

Improved Digital Marketing Presence

It was important initially to unify the brand message of Aceyus and share their strength in the marketplace, with the consistent engagement of their target audience through digital marketing.

We carried out plans for:

  • Consistent use of the brand identity across all digital channels and the website
  • Scheduled social media posts, driving traffic to the website
  • Blog and premium content offer creation
  • Email marketing campaigns for internal and external communications
  • Lead nurturing automated workflows to move leads down the funnel
  • Paid media campaigns to promote demos and software benefits

Nurture and Close Leads, Expanding Revenue Growth

2018: While trade show attendance was the main marketing activity and expense, marketing to attendees before and after the events was underutilized. We systemized this process of engaging audiences to improve trade show demos, and then follow up and close prospects after the show. 

2019: The focus was to re-engage past contacts and also build more premium conversion offers throughout the year to increase lead-generation opportunities.

2020: During the pandemic, we shifted gears to replace tradeshow marketing (now non-existent) with digital marketing activities. Optimized landing pages for downloadable content and personalized demos were the key tools in converting prospects and staying connected to their audience.

Aveyus LP Perf 20202021: New content was developed around trends in the industry, case studies, and testimonials from clients and partners to be used in interactive business development webinars. Also, we created product/service-specific email nurture campaigns for further lead qualification. The big focus on contact list segmentation and targeted email marketing shows in the increases we’re seeing in email KPIs.

Aveyus Email Perf 2020 _ 2021

Sales Enablement Training

In an effort to better align marketing and sales, Aceyus engaged LAIRE to work directly with their team of Business Development Representatives (BDRs) to help identify inbound sales approach strategies to reach prospective clients. BDRs were coached on providing helpful content that matched the prospects' job roles, challenges, and companies or industries they represented. This engagement allowed LAIRE to identify content and outreach gaps, and close them by working with Marketing to produce sales-focused content and case studies. After a few short weeks of the engagement, callbacks and responses from the content the BDRs were sending increased by 5x, and demo discovery call bookings increased by 10x.



Our partnership with Aceyus continues to progress beyond the foundational marketing assets that got them up and running, to now next-level lead generation and nurturing. Our collaboration has resulted in structure and strategy in all of their departments, from sales reporting to content distribution standards. We are excited to be a part of their ongoing growth!


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