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Should I hire a marketing person or hire a marketing agency? We know why you’re asking! It’s something that comes up all of the time. There’s no definite wrong answer here, but there are a few things you should consider. 

I want to thank and congratulate you before I go any further. You already know the importance of marketing and you’re on the right path. The fact that this question is on your mind means you want to give your marketing efforts a fair shot.

Starting or ramping up a marketing initiative is great, but your resources need to be going to the right places. Are you planning on doing more in the digital marketing realm? If so, you NEED to have search engine optimization, content creation, web design and several other areas covered.


Positives of Hiring a Marketing Agency

Why start with the bad stuff? Let’s keep things positive to start off with!

Variety of Skills and Resources

Choosing to go with an agency means you’re getting access to more manpower and skill sets. No one can be an expert on everything. Hiring a digital marketing agency that employs people with a diverse set of skills ensures all of your marketing needs are covered.

Agencies also have more resources. Marketing firms are typically up to date with and have access to the latest in design and marketing software programs.

It’ll take a few in-house marketing hires to match the collective brain power you'd get from an agency. Bringing on an equivalent marketing staff isn't an option for smaller companies. If you can afford to hire a few people with different strengths, great! If you can’t, an agency is for you.

Low Maintenance

An agency allows your company's leaders to be "hands-of", compared to managing an in-house marketing person or team. Once the agency knows what your mission and goals are, the team will handle the implementation and execution of the agreed plan.

An agency should work seamlessly with your team to fix any weakness and build on strengths. Remember, a win for you is a win for the marketing agency.



Let's talk money for a bit. The numbers aren't exactly the same, but for the cost of a marketing employee you can bring on a marketing agency. When you combine salary, benefits, overhead and administrative costs you're spending much more than what an agency would cost you. You should also consider turnover at that position and the time required to hire and train a new person. Working with an agency offers consistency and stability you're missing out on with an in-house approach.

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Negatives of Hiring a Marketing Agency

Digital marketing might not be a fit for you and your business, so you won't have the need to hire anyone. Your business may be growing perfectly fine using traditional marketing or the people already on staff. In the interest of equal time, here are the negatives around hiring an agency.

Agencies Have Other Clients

Anyone you bring on will devote all of their working hours to your business. An agency has clients that need equal attention. Also, a full-time employee is more accessible, they're in your building! This might be a major determining factor for a company, if so, hiring an employee is the better way to go.


Learning Curve

A reputable marketing agency will take the time to know everything about your business, but they can’t know your industry as well as you. A conversation needs to happen at some point in the process to make sure campaigns and goals are aligned. Be prepared to answer a lot of questions when you're just getting started with an agency.


Agency or Employee: Conclusion

As you read, there's a lot to consider, but it's all about you and your company. It's great if you can afford to hire a digital marketing employee or team. If you can't, an agency is the better way to go. As long as all of your bases are covered on the digital marketing front, it doesn't matter if your company hires an agency or an employee. There are challenges that come with both paths, but it's worth it to bring more people to your website and improve your business to drive revenue.


Sometimes a fresh set of experienced eyes can uncover gaps in your marketing and sales process that not only can cost missed revenue opportunities but help stitch up inefficiencies that can help push more revenue to your bottom line.

Leverage our expertise and allow our team to look at your current strategy, message and tactics to drive revenue by requesting your own marketing audit. All we need is 20 minutes to provide you with valuable insight and recommendations to move your company forward!

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Todd Laire

Todd Laire

Founder & Managing Partner, LAIRE