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Limited Budget and Manpower Solved

Benefits of Hiring a Marketing Agency

Agencies are built to handle the legwork and planning that goes into any marketing strategy or campaign. When you decide to partner with an agency, you are investing in your growth, with the backing you need to get started right away. When you’re considering working with an agency, remember that not all agencies are created equal. Some focus on niches within various business industries, while others work on a general basis to give your business the boost it needs. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered on how to vet potential agencies and pick the right one.

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Signs an Agency Might Not Be the Right Fit

If your company works on the fly and is prone to super quick turnaround times or responses, an agency might not be for you. While agencies do great work and are always improving their efficiency, they cannot guarantee the communication and timeframes that internal marketing teams can. More often than not, agencies have multiple clients with different needs and timelines that have to be met.

Marketing Agency or Marketing Employee: Which to Chose?

Our co-founder Laura explores this topic in our video. If your marketing efforts are smaller and you don’t need a full team, it might make financial sense to hire one or two marketing employees part-time or full-time. If your marketing activities exceed what you can manage, employing an agency not only gives you manpower, but also a unique perspective on your brand, customers, and goals.


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Explore the Sides of Working with a Marketing Agency



  • Multiple experts ready to tackle your growth and revenue goals
  • Cost-effective for companies with a limited budget
  • Driven to produce results through proven methods and an arsenal of strategic tactics
  • Brings a fresh perspective and innovation to marketing initiatives
  • Often capable of handling a larger workload compared to an internal marketing team
  • Wide-range of services offered with aligning team members - the sky's the limit



  • May not specialize in the area of your focus
  • May require longer lead times as an agency serves multiple clients
  • May not immediately be an expert on your brand’s preferences or your industry
The Ideal Match

Two Teams Working Together Towards Your Goals

If you already have an internal marketing team, adding the support of an agency can go a long way in propelling you towards revenue growth. When you couple an internal team that knows your brand and goals, with an agency that has fresh ideas and strategies to get you there, you push the revenue possibilities further. If you’re looking to scale your business’ growth by 15-25% per year, adding an agency to your marketing efforts can get you there. Remember that marketing is an investment in your company’s future. Marketing technology wizards, sales enablement gurus, copywriting fanatics, and other specialists work together with your team to deliver the right content, at the right time, to the right person or company.
Learn how marketing agencies price their engagements on this blog:

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A Lot of Moving Parts

Why Are Agencies So Great Anyway?

By partnering with an agency, you have access to a network of expert marketers who require little to no maintenance, without having to pay the price of those marketers’ salaries internally. These experts have the talents and ideas ready to propel your business towards your growth goals, with the stamina needed to continue pushing forward to meet new goals.

Another scenario to think about is the manpower it takes to complete all of your marketing initiatives. If you’re constantly having to outsource work to freelancers because you don’t have staff with the skills you need, an agency might be your best bet. Most agencies have all of the specialized talent needed to perform the variety of marketing tasks you might run into. Need more info? Check out our blog detailing the different roles and functions of a digital growth agency.

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