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For industries that relied primarily on event-based marketing solutions, it may have been difficult to adapt to the changing world around us or even know where to start. With very short notice, most industries have been flipped upside down, pushing them to make moves towards a new digital landscape. However, waiting for events and conferences to resume is a move most businesses can’t afford to make. Today we’re going to discuss how you can utilize your skills and create new digital strategies to reach your target audience. 



Building Your Online Presence

In today’s day and age, every industry should have at least some sort of online presence as a starting point. When engaging with your audience at a trade show, you want to ensure they have a way to come back to your business after the show or conference has ended. Having a fully responsive website that performs well in search rankings is key to making sure your customers can find your business later on. 

Your website should be set up to track and analyze your online traffic. Content management systems such as HubSpot can help you easily set up landing pages and generate offers for tracking online conversions. This information is extremely important because it provides valuable insights into your target market and how you can better cater your content to them. 


Optimizing Your Content

When you eliminate the element of personal one-on-one connection you have to discover new ways to reach your target audience. Optimizing your content for SEO can help you get in front of your audience at the moment they are searching for your services. Without optimization, you risk your competitors ranking for top keywords and reaching your customers before you. 

SEO is often a work in progress and can sometimes take months to build up, however, it tends to have longer-lasting power than advertising. There are a variety of keyword planners and tools that offer free subscriptions for helping you start your writing process. Once you have an idea of what your customers are searching for, you can then challenge your employees to create industry-related content catered to your customer base. 


Find New Ways to Engage With Your Audience

Trade shows are often where relationships are formed and connections are built between businesses. Online networking such as LinkedIn can still provide you with the opportunity to build connections within a particular niche. Have your employees join industry-specialized groups, engage in message boards, and begin to comment and share posts of peers. Engaging with members of your industry can help you expand your reach further than you thought possible. 

Once you have infiltrated your audience’s key groups and built a large group of connections, create an offer to advertise through your posts. This can be a downloadable infographic or even an online Zoom conference. Virtual meetings and webinars are as close as you can get to a physical trade show. These platforms can help you easily showcase your personality and are highly cost-effective. 


Staying Ahead of The Curve

While the current state of our industries is not permanent, digital growth will continue to rise. Ensuring that your business is ahead of the curve and putting forth a unique digital strategy will help your business grow even in the wake of traditional trade shows and conferences. By partnering with LAIRE,  our team can help you craft a highly catered marketing plan of action for meeting and exceeding your company goals. Connect with us today to start building your digital presence. 

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April Hamilton

April Hamilton

As Director of Client Success, April leads the LAIRE account management team in strategy and execution that drives results for our clients. Pulling from her diverse background in the performing arts, business, branding, and marketing, April brings a creative and thorough approach to strategy, always keeping persona pain points, solutions, and the user experience at the forefront of decisions. She values ownership, quality, teamwork, and authenticity.