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Largo Endodontics is a four-person dental office specializing exclusively in endodontic care. Led by Dr. Ernest Rillman, the team focuses on root canals, one of the most common dental procedures in the nation.

Unlike a general dentist, a dental specialist like an endodontist doesn’t often have repeat patients. Once a root canal is treated, there are no six-month follow-ups or yearly check-ups needed. Patients may even see a dental specialist only once.

Because of this, Dr. Rillman wanted to ensure his practice had a reliable source of new patient traffic. That’s where we came in!

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The Root of the Problem: A Poor Website User Experience

Largo Endodontics reached out to LAIRE in July 2020, after Dr. Rillman saw how we helped other endodontic practices improve their digital presence. Impressed by how LAIRE effectively boosted new patient traffic for these dental specialists, he sought the same transformation for his own practice.

The practice had good patient reviews, with over 40 5-star reviews on Google and four 5-star reviews on Facebook. Their website, however, was outdated and offered minimal patient education, and they had no regular social media presence.

Additionally, while Dr. Rillman’s practice received referrals from 12 to 15 other dental offices that sent him business, he wanted to solidify his relationships with these practices by establishing himself as a thought leader.


The Solution: Consistent Branding, Content Creation, and Social Media Engagement

LAIRE took a deep dive into Largo Endodontics’ lead generation and marketing processes and got to work. After getting to know Dr. Rillman, his practice, and his future vision, they agreed upon the following goals:

  • Increase sales to reach a seven-figure revenue stream
  • Take a systematic approach to marketing
  • Enter a new market and compete with other endodontists in his area
  • Increase monthly new patient counts

To achieve the above goals, we knew we’d need to implement a marketing strategy that centered on building a strong online presence while generating high-quality leads. With each segment of the plan, LAIRE identified what needed to be improved and the steps to take to improve it.

Social Media

For Largo Endodontics’ social media, the main goals were to drive traffic to the website, increase brand awareness, and unify the brand identity across all platforms.

Largo Social Media

For both the dental practice’s Facebook page and the personal LinkedIn of Dr. Rillman, LAIRE implemented a strategy to:

  • Customize brand posts for the practice since the current posts had no branded graphics.
  • Link back to the website and blogs in each post. This would give readers a targeted call to action (CTA) to lead back to the site and increase the possibility of conversion.
  • Share client reviews to establish credibility and promote the practice as a leading endodontist in the area.
  • Show a behind-the-scenes look into the team, focusing on their personalities, to build a genuine connection with prospective patients.
  • Unify the bio of each social channel and align the look and branding across all channels.
  • Train staff on social media goals and usage.

For their Google Business Profile, LAIRE implemented a consistent effort to:

  • Answer reviews and engage in a timely manner
  • Update images to accurately portray the office
  • Add posts to the profile for additional search support

Content Marketing

The overall goal for the Largo Endodontics website was to optimize its current content and to create new content that accurately represented the personality and capability of the practice for patients and referring practices. Additionally, the website needed to offer patient education to highlight the practice’s procedures and thought leadership.

LAIRE also recommended implementing search engine optimization (SEO) to help the practice get found online by its target audience.

To achieve these goals, the following needed to happen:

  • Update the style and look of the site to better align with branding and improve user experience
  • Add consistent blog posts every month that offer value and enhanced site search rankings
  • Create additional written content across the site for improved rankings

Dental Website Redesign & Regular Website Updates

Largo Website Comparison-1

LAIRE partnered with PBHS, a reliable website provider of healthcare websites, to design a modern website and sleek page structure for Largo Endodontics.

But an effective lead-generating website isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it thing. That’s why LAIRE incorporated regular reviews of and updates to page title tags, meta descriptions, and website copy to ensure relevance and improve performance.

With a monthly reporting cadence, LAIRE was able to keep a tight eye on the practice’s website and social media analytics to easily assess what was working and identify areas for improvement.






The Results: Increased Revenue, Higher Site Rankings, and More Patient Referrals

Largo Endontotics’ average website traffic in 2021 and 2022 was regularly under 200 sessions a month.

As their website aged, and as LAIRE published a new blog every month and continued to optimize page content, Largo Endodontics’ organic website traffic increased.

For example, in September 2021, 47% of website traffic came from organic search. A year later in September 2022, 56% came from organic search.

And now in 2024, the practice counts on at least 89% of its traffic coming from organic search, averaging 2,000+ sessions per month!Largo Endonomics Case Study_Social Graphic 2 Freepik

  • 2021 - Total Sessions 1,390 (~116 sessions/mo)
  • 2022 - Total Sessions 5,401 (~450 sessions/mo)
  • 2023 - Total Sessions 17,583 (~1,465 sessions/mo)
  • 2024 - Year to Date ~2,247 sessions/mo

Largo Endonomics Case Study_Graphic 2

Featured Google Snippet

One of Largo Endodontics’ blogs also holds the Google featured snippet for the search term “root canal and antibiotics,” which is currently the main organic traffic driver to their website.

unnamed (62)

And in the average month, 6-7 of their top 10 most visited pages are blogs:

2023 Top Pages

unnamed (61)

For Largo Endodontics, blogging served as a powerful tool for the practice to showcase expertise and engage with their target audience. Regular and high-quality blog content not only enhanced their online visibility and SEO — driving organic traffic to their website — but also fostered trust and credibility among patients.


Content Marketing Can Be Your Crowning Achievement Too

After partnering with LAIRE, Largo Endodontics has seen a major increase in revenue, generating over 1.5 times more than what the practice planned for 2023. They have a steady influx of new patients, a larger number of referring dental practices, and more Google reviews — over 100 and counting!

In addition, they’ve increased their website visitors nationwide, which has helped boost their visibility for local patients who are searching for endodontic services in their area.

All in all, our case study vividly illustrates the transformative impact of strategic content marketing. The consistent creation and promotion of valuable content over time led to increased website traffic, higher search engine rankings, and, most importantly, a notable uptick in patient inquiries.

This success underscores the pivotal role that a well-executed content marketing strategy can play in fostering brand authority, attracting new clientele, and propelling business expansion in the competitive landscape of the healthcare industry.

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