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InsideOut Development specializes in providing professional coaching and training services to individuals and organizations.

They developed the GROW® coaching model, a methodology designed to help individuals unlock their potential and improve performance by looking inward and tapping into their own insights and capabilities.

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The Problem: An Outdated Website With Low Traffic and a Lack of Conversion Points

When InsideOut Development came to us in mid-2022, the company was experiencing low website traffic, with only 257 sessions per month on average that year.

Due to a lack of connection between their data platforms, their site was not optimized for conversion opportunities or tracking. Not only that but the entire look and feel of their website were outdated and not user-friendly, which led to a decrease in lead generation.


The Solution: HubSpot Onboarding, Ongoing Content Optimization, and a Website Overhaul

To help InsideOut Development increase its number of quality leads and conversions, LAIRE set out to design a strategic marketing plan that focused on optimizing and creating new content, improving traffic paths for easier conversion opportunities, and, eventually, building out a brand new website.

HubSpot Marketing Hub Onboarding

To ensure InsideOut Development had a strong foundation upon which to enhance its marketing efforts, we worked closely with the team to get them started with HubSpot’s Marketing Hub in late 2022.

We provided in-depth technical and strategic guidance to set the company up for success. The multi-week onboarding process consisted of:

  • Mapping current business processes
  • Setting up deal stages
  • Identifying core lead data points
  • Creating an initial lead capture form, nurture email, landing page, conversion path, and process automation workflow
  • Building an initial report and dashboard to review analytics
  • Adding users and teams

The implementation of HubSpot’s Marketing Hub set the stage for effective inbound marketing, which LAIRE then supported shortly thereafter.

Ongoing Marketing Engagement

Going hand in hand with the HubSpot onboarding was our initial push to enhance the company’s overall marketing efforts.

We knew there were some challenges with how InsideOut’s site was built and structured, including that it wasn’t able to be easily indexed by search engines, but their team wasn’t ready for a website overhaul — yet (more on that later). Still, we wanted to see what lifts we could achieve with new and optimized content.

Through a strategic blend of content marketing, website optimizations, search engine optimization (SEO), and traditional marketing, LAIRE helped InsideOut Development enhance brand visibility, drive qualified leads, establish thought leadership, and foster customer engagement.

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We implemented the following tactics:

  • Wrote new blog articles and updated existing blogs for each phase of the marketing funnel: awareness, consideration, and decision
  • Created new gated eBooks and high-value guides with supporting assets, including landing pages and thank you pages, and revitalized existing downloadable offers
  • Ensured each piece of content was optimized for relevant keywords to improve search engine visibility and attract organic traffic
  • Developed a multi-channel distribution strategy, sharing content across InsideOut’s blog, social media platforms, and email newsletters to maximize reach and engagement
  • Revamped social media efforts with a strong focus on LinkedIn
  • Set up additional email nurture campaigns to keep leads obtained from their content offers continuously engaged

The content optimization strategy, specifically, was designed to increase the site’s search engine rankings, helping the company secure a higher spot on Google for better lead generation opportunities.

Data Connections and Conversion Opportunities

LAIRE also honed in on obtaining accurate data and implementing tracking methods of conversion points. We decided to streamline the approach by connecting HubSpot and Salesforce to enable a more efficient reporting process. We also created customized HubSpot reports, particularly with attribution reporting.

We then placed calls to action (CTAs) strategically throughout the website and within new and optimized content. Our team designed web pages that streamlined the user journey, making sure to link relevant resources to provide clear steps for the user to progress down the sales funnel.

The addition of clear conversion points, blogs, web pages, and landing pages all provided accessible opportunities for users to engage with the company.

Brand New Website Redesign

IOD Website Comparison

While LAIRE had designed landing pages and other creative assets for InsideOut Development in the past, both teams felt like the company needed an entirely new look for its website to better reflect the brand’s personality and product mix.

Upon performing a strategic assessment of their current website, we took the following steps to overhaul InsideOut’s digital presence in July 2023:

  • Migrated blogs and resource pages to HubSpot CMS (content management system) for improved page editing and tracking capabilities
  • Created a new sleek and user-friendly site, including new website page layouts, that could be easily scanned and indexed by search engines like Google
  • Refreshed and enhanced the website’s look and feel to improve user interface and experience (UI and UX)
  • Reorganized the company’s vast library of resources and downloadable offers for clear user navigation
  • Adjusted the main navigation area for smoother page flow
  • Strategically re-assessed the URL structure based on the main domain, subdomains, and competition
  • Added additional conversion points, case studies, and resources throughout the site


The Results: Increased Organic Search Traffic and Leads

By creating a brand-new website with fresh content and implementing accurate tracking methods, we saw organic search traffic increase by nearly 150%.

Organic Search Traffic

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Organic traffic has increased exponentially through the strategic marketing plan implemented by LAIRE, and results continue to grow and increase into 2024.

  • 2022: 2,459 organic sessions
  • 2023: 6,139 organic sessions
  • 2024 (January to March): 5,381 organic sessions so far

Additionally, the number of organic keywords the InsideOut Development website ranks for increased by 69% from 2022 to December 2023.

Leads Generation

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By providing a better UX, LAIRE also helped increase the number of leads arriving through the company’s website. Contacts across all sources experienced the following boost:

  • 2022: 52 new contacts
  • 2023: 548 new contacts
  • 2024 (January to March): 212 new contacts so far

Notably, LinkedIn grew by 342 followers from February 2023 to February 2024.


Achieve Sustained Growth and Prosperity With Strategic Marketing

A strategic focus on targeted content optimization, streamlined tracking, and a responsive website yielded remarkable results for our client.

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