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Case Study Overview

C.A. Short Company, a leader in providing employee recognition solutions, started their partnership with LAIRE by kicking off a COVID-19 focused marketing campaign. We implemented an inbound content strategy focused on the offer, as well as incorporating ad spend, and lead flows to generate new business and leads.

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  • 177% increase in overall leads in two years 
  • 269% increase in organic traffic in 2020 
  • More than tripled from 2019 to 2020



Recognition Award Services Industry Leader

C.A. Short Company is a leader in employee engagement and recognition award solutions. For more than 80 years they have partnered with a variety of businesses to increase employee engagement, productivity, and employee retention. C.A. Short offers a variety of solutions including OSHA-compliant safety incentives, employee engagement platforms, years of service awards, and wellness programs.


The Goal

Target New Remote Workforces to Generate High-Quality Leads

With COVID-19 sweeping the nation in 2020, consistent leads had begun to slow down and more workforces and employees were beginning to work remotely. C.A. Short wanted to use this opportunity to generate a campaign that would target a newly remote audience, as well as develop new contacts and leads for employee engagement solutions. 


Our Strategy

Custom Inbound Marketing Plan for a B2B Leader

C.A. Short Company partnered with LAIRE for a full marketing and inbound retainer with hopes of increasing search visibility and more qualified leads. The start of the partnership involved the big push for a COVID-19 focused marketing campaign. This included: 

  • Content creation
  • Email nurturing
  • Optimized landing page creation
  • Social media push to promote the offer
  • Paid media campaigns


Content Creation and Inbound Best Practices Generated 68 Form Submissions

For the “COVID-19 We’re All In This Together Campaign”, we started with content creation, generating effective landing page copy. We also designed and implemented a new landing page design to improve user experience and lead conversion. 

Our content plan centered around industry keywords, as well as incorporating common hardships and emotional verbiage to capture what many employees may be facing during the COVID-19 crisis. The same verbiage and content was applied to email copy, calls-to-action, and social posts for generating traffic to the created landing page. 

After implementing an email campaign and nurturing leads through a variety of marketing channels, we were able to generate 68 quality form submissions, as well as over 600 landing page views.


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Results of our Inbound Marketing Plan

LAIRE - CA Short Case Study Graphics2020 RESULTS 

  • Average of 6,909 organic visitors to the site each month 
  • Leads = 834 
  • 24% increase in total clicks from 2019 (82,000 clicks in 2020) 
  • 6% increase in total impressions from 2019 (4,310,000 impressions in 2020) 
  • 217% increase in organic keywords from 2019 to 2020 (1,124 vs 3,564)



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