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Are you using email as a tactic in your marketing strategy? No doubt you've been the victim of poorly executed email marketing, but we can help you be part of the solution, not the problem. Email can be a powerful tool if you are smart about each message you send.

According to Databox Kevin, "Even in 2018, email is still one of the best ways to grab the attention of potential customers. In fact, a survey from the Direct Marketers Association found that email still has a 122% median ROI, far greater than any other channel."

To further this study, our friends at Databox recently surveyed 43 top digital marketers across the country about email trends and tips - guess who was featured... Yours truly, Todd LaireCheck out our best email marketing tips and let us know what you think.

FEATURED: Segment Your Contact List

With our clients, we’re using tools like Ontraport, Active Campaigns and HubSpot to automate our emails. With segmented lists integrated with our website content and forms, we can send personalized information to our contact lists.

Did your contact fill out a form from a specific service page? Automate an email response that includes messaging around that service. Do you have your contacts identify themselves as one of your personas? Use that to your advantage by giving them the most helpful content based on their job role, industry and more.

We use HubSpot’s Sequences for ourselves and many clients to make sure the content we deliver to prospect’s inboxes is the most relevant to their interests.


FEATURED: Personalize your Email Subject and Message

If you gather and input detailed client and lead information, personalization tokens will transform your email marketing. We’ve seen clients use the [FIRST NAME] token but you probably have more information than that stored in your CRM.

We also use tokens like [COMPANY NAME], [CITY] and more to hyper-personalize our and our clients’ emails and subject lines so recipients automatically identify with your message. Imagine opening an email that says, "Hi [FIRST NAME]! Here are 5 tips you can use to make sure potential clients in [YOUR CITY] see more of [YOUR COMPANY]’s content on your website."

How local, personal and actually helpful is that?!

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Test Your Email Formatting

For some clients, we’ve noticed emails that don’t LOOK like marketing or sales emails perform better. For other clients, we’ve seen emails with more design elements perform better. Test this out with your contacts!

Maybe you need your logo and graphic CTAs to captivate your audience and entice them to click. Maybe you need your emails to have the feel that you were just thinking of that specific contact and decided to shoot them a message - no logo, no extensive footer, no pictures. Sometimes simpler is better. Sometimes bigger is better. The only way to know what works for you is to test it out.


Marketing Your Email Subscription

Recently, our team used our email subscriber list as a marketing tool. Instead of telling your audience to “check out our latest blog on xyz topic” with a link, tell them to join your email list for a personalized email on the topic.

We were in a local networking event and told the group there was a big social media update that would affect all business owners with a Facebook page, and if they wanted to know more to join our email list. And they did! Even if your email is just sending out your latest blog, marketing your email list over your individual blog articles gets you contacts, repeat website visitors and jump starts your lead nurturing.

Want more email marketing tips? Check these out from 40 other top marketing professionals (gathered by our friends at Databox).

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