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Imagine this: you’ve partnered with an awesome digital marketing agency to produce a digital marketing action plan. This agency takes several weeks to do an intense audit of your current assets, website, and social media to then make recommendations on where you are striking gold and where you could stand to make some improvement. They present this plan to you and detail their findings in a beautiful package. Now what?

You are now in possession of a detailed plan meant to be used by either the agency that created it, another marketing agency, or your internal marketing team. But you want to start taking action now, in the ways that you can so you can begin seeing an ROI for the plan that you’ve paid for.


The LAIRE MAP Explained


At LAIRE, we conduct our Marketing Action Plans, or what we call MAPs, differently. We always start with a MAP, before tactics. Why? We want you to get results. The LAIRE MAP starts with a conversation with your team. We identify why you want or need a MAP, the B2B challenges you are currently facing, and what your current digital marketing efforts include. We discuss your sales and marketing goals, and what you need to make sure they are aligning and complementing each other.  We also discuss the most important aspect of your business: your customers. We analyze the makeup of your ideal customer including their demographics, their buying habits, their pain points, and why they come to you. Our entire approach is centered around your ideal client and their journey. 

From there, we meet internally to collaborate and assign marching orders. The LAIRE team does things right the first time, which means taking the necessary steps and time to be as thorough as possible. We go through your assets with a fine-tooth comb, understanding the function and purpose of each asset, how these assets nurture and convert potential customers, what resources are available to current clients, and include detailed notes about where your company shines and where your company can grow.


Included in Your MAP

As previously mentioned, the LAIRE team goes through your company’s current marketing collateral to determine where your brand stands out and the areas in which your brand can improve in the B2B sector. Some of the sections that are highlighted in your Marketing Action Plan includes the following, in addition to others:

  • Your buyer personas and buyer journeys
  • What differentiates your brand from competitors
  • Your website appearance and user experience
  • Competitor identification and research
  • Content strategy and recommendations

Through these sections of research, strategy, and implementation, we are able to determine what areas need the most attention. The LAIRE team is then able to make a custom-tailored plan for your company for what needs to be addressed immediately, and what can be worked on over a longer period of time. Keep in mind that most digital marketing initiatives will not see their full potential and growth during the first 3-6 months of implementation. If you choose to partner with LAIRE after your MAP our team will be hard at work building your new website, writing informative content for your audience, generating social media accounts with content and an increased following, and creating nurture campaigns to bring in additional leads and customers.


Where the MAP Can Take You

Once you have met with the LAIRE team for your MAP presentation, you might be unsure about what the next steps are. While we are always excited for MAPs to end with potential partners choosing a retainer plan or a project plan, we understand that you might need time as a company to determine what to do next. The good news is that this MAP is made with content examples, guidelines, and recommendations that you can implement on your own, or within your internal marketing team should you have one. From the day we present our findings, you can take your customized marketing action plan and hit the ground running.

LAIRE MAP Blog Graphic

User-Friendly Website Updates

One of the first places to start is with your website. Ensuring that your website domain is active or secured is an initial step you can take. This will ensure that other companies with similar products, names, services, or that are in the same industry cannot purchase your domain name. If your website is already built and available for the public to see, verify that your contact and company information is up to date. By updating pages about your company and services, search engines will be able to see that you have provided new information and allow potential leads to easily locate your website. When you decide to have your website revamped with a marketing agency or team, they will already have a head start in producing a beautiful website.

Implement an Email Strategy

Another strategy that can be implemented for your company is the use of email. Updating your current and potential customers on promotions, company updates, and any new information that might be useful is a great way to engage your audience. This kind of outreach can remind your audience that you are there to help and assist them, thus adding an additional avenue for new clients to engage with your company. Software and platforms, such as Mailchimp and ActiveCampaign, can be a simple way to create emails for your audience, especially if you have limited experience with this type of software.

Be Active on Social Media

Securing your company’s social media domains is another straightforward task you can immediately implement, especially if you have not created social media accounts for your company. Setting up your accounts with your business’ logo, bio, contact information, and links to websites and other social media platforms will insert your company into new spaces that it did not previously appear. While it is always great to begin posting to the platform right away if you do not have the assets to do so you can wait until you have created posts internally or partnered with an agency to run the social media channels externally. Creating these social media platforms and posting content to them will become another segway to your company for new leads and potential clients. As an added bonus, having an area for your team to congregate and engage with your company online can help increase your audience through your employees.

Teach Your Team About Your Buyer Personas

Included with your LAIRE MAP is a detailed description of your buyer personas and the buyer’s journey that these semi-fictional individuals go on. As soon as you understand your company’s buyer personas and journeys, you can begin teaching your internal sales and marketing teams about the pain points that your buyer is experiencing when they come to your company. Your teams can take initiative to begin creating content and taking action based on those pain points and where individuals are in their buyer’s journey. This will give your teams a headstart in moving leads through your funnel and closing as many sales as possible.


Value Added Through Your Marketing

Action Plans

Marketing action plans, including digital marketing action plans and social media marketing action plans, should be considered as a roadmap for your company. The audit that is included with your plan can give you key insights into where you can improve to meet your goals. This plan can also show you where your team and company are shining. By following the recommendations presented to you, your company will be set to serve your buyers and experience the growth that comes with being a trusted resource within your industry. 

If you’d like to discuss your marketing needs with our team, schedule a free 20-minute marketing assessment. This live meeting with our experts can give you a glimpse into what a MAP can offer your company. Curious about how much a marketing plan like this can cost? You can find the answer in this blog.

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Emily Collins

Emily Collins

As an experienced digital marketer, Emily combines the creative and analytical sides of her brain to implement growth-driven strategies. She is passionate about cheering on her accounts as they work to reach and exceed their business goals.