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In business, regardless of size, it is unfortunately too common that the marketing and sales team do not work cohesively, leaving a gap for potential leads to convert to deals. The only thing that should separate your marketing and sales teams is their job titles. If your marketing and sales efforts aren’t working together, then your business will struggle to reach its goals. How can you better equip your team for success? You need to have the right sales enablement tools for your company.

So What Sales Enablement Tool Should You Be Using?

We wish we could tell you exactly which sales enablement platform to go with to improve the effort of your sales team and help their hard work pay off. The problem is that every business is different. Each company should assess its own goals, company size and industry, and identify some of the bumps in the road that your sales team is facing.

That being said, here are some helpful sales enablement software programs you should consider if you want to properly track your sales efforts against your company goals.


Sales Enablement Software Programs


Salesforce usually comes up quickly when talking about a customer relationship management program. The CRM is one of the most popular options out there, for a good reason. Salesforce offers cloud-based sales, service and marketing applications.

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It helps your team stay organized with a lead’s information and data. This gives your team the help they need to close more leads.

Salesforce brings your marketing and sales people together through its applications. The sales team knows what content attracted a lead, what offer converted the visitor into a lead, and how that contact progressed through your funnel. The assigned sales person will know what that lead is interested in and what their pain points are. Who can say no to more helpful data? With a salesperson well equipped with information about the lead, he or she can better structure the sales call with the contact.


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We have to include HubSpot on this list. We talk a lot about what this platform can do for the marketing side of things, but we also want to highlight the value it brings to sales professionals and teams. HubSpot has a robust Sales CRM that can help almost any small business by ensuring important information about leads and customers is never lost. 

We're a fan of their tools because they allow contacts to book meetings in personal calendars, record sales calls with a phone call recording feature, and send out personal email sequences that automate the lead nurturing process. We also love that HubSpot can send you a notification every time a lead is browsing your website. With these features, you are able to continually grow your client base while maintaining your personal feel. In our experience, humanizing the sales sequence typically leads to a higher number of closed deals, and a higher number of happy customers that will talk positively about your business.

We’ve dedicated multiple blogs to why we love HubSpot. There are a plethora of solutions that can make your sales team produce closed deals in an efficient manner. The way we use HubSpot might be completely different to how you would.


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Does your business perform account-based marketing? Demandbase specializes in B2B account-based marketing. You can track engagement and measure impact with this simple to use platform.

Just like Salesforce and HubSpot, Demandbase provides your sales team with the information they need to learn more about leads and to close more deals. The difference is, they allow you to measure success on an account level rather than a lead level.


Sales Enablement: The Big Picture

The programs here are robust and offer more than some companies might need. If you just want to be able to record sales calls, there’s a program for you. If you only want to be able to track emails, there’s a platform just for that. As much as we'd like you to have a rich sales enablement software, you might not need it. In the grand scheme of things, what your sales team needs will vary. 

There are a lot of solid sales enablement platforms out there. Honestly, too many to mention in one blog. We are always exploring new tools and platforms. One way we do that is by hearing from other individuals! If your team is seeing success with software that is not mentioned here, tell us and we will continue to grow our list.

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Todd Laire

Todd Laire

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