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Based just outside of Charlotte, North Carolina, The Dental CFO provides financial and business advisory expertise for dentists who want to create a more efficient and financially successful practice.

The Dental CFO prides itself on providing ridiculously personalized business guidance for dental practices. They wanted that same level of customized help with their marketing — and that’s where we came in!

The Dental CFO Case Study ROPS - January 2024


  • Seeking to increase their website traffic and leads, The Dental CFO started working with LAIRE in October 2020.
  • After incorporating persona-focused messaging on their existing WordPress-hosted website, both LAIRE and The Dental CFO decided that integrating their site with HubSpot would give improved analytics tracking and more streamlined lead generation efforts.
  • In the summer of 2023, we launched a full website redesign that aimed to better capture the personality of the brand, supercharge content marketing, and further boost conversions.


The Problem: Low Website Traffic and Contact Submissions

When you think about the dental industry, an outsourced CFO is likely not the first image that comes to mind. However, savvy dentists who understand the importance of a good financial strategy begin seeking financial management partners and research firms online as early as possible.

When The Dental CFO first partnered with LAIRE in October 2020, however, they were having a difficult time generating traffic and leads on their website.

They had a website hosted on WordPress, but it was simply not optimized. It wasn’t structured for a seamless user experience, and it had very little content, which caused a lack of conversion traffic. In fact, their website drove only 120 website sessions per month, with zero new contacts from their digital efforts.

The DCFO team understood that to have a competitive edge in the market and provide an experience clients love, it was time to improve their website and lead generation tactics.

As they researched and learned about HubSpot as a lead management tool, they also found LAIRE, a HubSpot Certified Solutions Partner.


The Solution: An Optimized Website and Clear Conversion Paths

LAIRE knew that to help The Dental CFO overcome the challenges that were hindering their growth, they needed a strategic shift in their digital marketing plan. We decided to focus on:

  • Optimizing the existing website around core industry keywords.
  • Developing a robust inbound marketing strategy to drive lead generation instead of solely relying on word of mouth.
  • Increasing conversion opportunities to generate website leads.
  • Closing new customers.

Keep reading to learn more about the tactics we implemented from 2020 to now.

Persona-Focused Messaging

Faced with the challenge of communicating complex financial concepts in a relatable manner, the firm approached our marketing team to revamp its online messaging strategy. The objective was clear: create website messaging that not only conveys expertise but also establishes a strong emotional connection with potential clients.

www.thedentalcfo.com_ (3)-1

Our solution involved a strategic shift towards persona-focused messaging, tailoring content to speak directly to the unique needs, aspirations, and concerns of different target segments.

Content Marketing

Guide to Practice Valuations (PCO)_Tablet Mockup-1

Recognizing the importance of establishing The Dental CFO as an industry thought leader, LAIRE developed a comprehensive content strategy that involved creating informative blog posts, optimizing the existing videos on their website, and writing and designing engaging content offers.

The blog writing and video optimizations also consisted of thorough keyword research to ensure the content was relevant and optimized for search engines, enhancing the firm's online visibility.

Additionally, our downloadable content offers not only helped position the firm as an authoritative source of valuable insights but also served as lead magnets, capturing the attention of dental practice owners seeking expert guidance.

HubSpot Integration

In 2021, after thorough research and consideration, we recommended integrating their website with HubSpot, a powerful and versatile marketing automation platform, to serve as the backbone of their marketing endeavors.

The decision to integrate HubSpot aimed not only to centralize their marketing activities but also to enhance efficiency, lead generation and tracking, and client engagement through a unified and data-driven approach.

With their HubSpot integration, The Dental CFO gained the capability to manage client communications, track leads through the sales funnel, and analyze marketing performance through comprehensive analytics. Additionally, personalized landing pages and forms were utilized to capture and nurture leads effectively.

During this time, we also implemented email and social media marketing to create a well-rounded marketing strategy.

Full Website Redesign

DCFO Website Comparison

The Dental CFO maintained their WordPress-hosted website with a HubSpot integration for as long as possible — until its potential was tapped. We advocated to migrate their website to HubSpot to provide superior control over search engine optimization (SEO) and content analytics.

Knowing the smart next step would be to move fully to the HubSpot content management system (CMS), and eager to further modernize their image and enhance user experience, The Dental CFO enlisted our design and branding expertise to undertake a HubSpot migration and comprehensive redesign of their website in 2023.

The challenge was to not only create a visually appealing design, but also to better convey the firm's personality, expertise, and commitment to client success.


An improved information flow was planned for each service page, focusing on the user’s pain points and The Dental CFO’s solutions, and backed with client testimonials, and relevant resources.

We added clear calls-to-action (CTAs) and links to downloadable, high-value content offers. Because of these conversion paths, their lead generation efforts started to climb — more on that later.

The LAIRE team then optimized title tags and meta descriptions across all pages and organized website content by hierarchical headings. Additionally, we identified the most effective keywords to target and used them to improve the site's search rankings.

Lastly, we created digital ads to supplement website traffic and boost SEO, as well as generate leads.


The Results: Increase in Site Traffic and Steady Lead Funnel

Organic Website Traffic

The Dental CFO Case Study ROPS - January 2024_Social Graphic 2 Freepik

By creating consistent content, optimizing their site for user experience, and creating clear conversion paths, we helped The Dental CFO skyrocket their website traffic by 3,741.54% from July 2021 to November 2023.

  • June 2021 – December 2021: 68 sessions per month on average
  • January 2022 – December 2022: 556.67 sessions per month on average
  • January 2023 – November 2023: 1,465.45 sessions per month on average

Lead Generation

The Dental CFO Case Study ROPS - January 2024-1

  • June 2021 – December 2021: 9 total new online contacts; 5 contacts from organic search
  • January 2022 – December 2022: 149 total new online contacts; 50 contacts from organic search
  • January 2023 – November 2023: 230 total new online contacts; 101 contacts from organic search

The Dental CFO also saw a 1,920% increase in organic website-generated contacts from 2021 vs 2023 (January-November). Today, the team’s website traffic and generated leads only continue to grow.



"The LAIRE team has been wonderful to work with on our firm's website update project. Each team member has been responsive to our needs and kept us updated on the progress of the project along the way. This is a very knowledgeable group of professionals and we highly recommend them for your marketing needs.”

– Tim Norris, Vice President/Managing Partner, The Dental CFO


It’s Your Turn to Drive Results With Time-Tested Lead Generation Strategies

In just a couple of years, our collaboration with The Dental CFO resulted in a remarkable transformation, propelling their online presence from struggle to success.

The strategic implementation of persona-focused messaging, HubSpot integration, and a comprehensive website redesign resulted in an extraordinary 3,741.54% increase in website traffic and a significant boost in lead generation.

The results achieved by The Dental CFO are a testament to the potential of strategic marketing initiatives and the impact they can have on businesses, regardless of their industry. As we continue to be a part of their ongoing growth, we’re excited to see the lasting impact of our collective efforts on their journey toward sustained success.

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