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Content marketing could be the best thing to ever happen to your business. I say could because it depends on how you do it. This methodology saves money, leads to more sales and builds trust with your intended audience. 

Creating blogs, videos and social media posts is great but that's not content marketing. Creating blogs, videos and social media posts with a strategy behind every move is content marketing.

Always Be Closing Helping 

Your content should be created to help, not sell. Some people are ready to hear a sales pitch. Everyone is willing to absorb truly helpful content. If you're consistently helpful, you'll build trust with your audience. When they're ready to buy, you'll be at the top of their minds.




Where to Start With Content Marketing?

Once you're in the right (helpful) mindset, you're ready to start planning out content. There are a few ways to start:

  • Talk to your clients. Learn their pain points and how they consume content in general.
  • Talk to your sales team. Learn what the most commonly asked questions are.
  • Use search engine optimization tools to find out what terms your audience uses when conducting a search.

Use every part of the buffalo

Don't let anything go to waste when planning. A blog post can turn into a checklist offer. Multiple blog posts can turn into an eBook. A video can be a blog post or a podcast. If you plan ahead, you can get multiple pieces of content from one idea. Sounds pretty good, right? Planning ahead and not winging it will result in more effective and comprehensive content.

New Call-to-action

How to Use Content to Reach Your Audience

HubSpot uses the term buyer's journey to describe how people research and shop online.


Source: HubSpot

Be mindful. Someone in the awareness stage of the buyer's journey doesn't want to hear or read about pricing. He or she is still researching their problem. They don't want to hear about a solution when they don't know what their problem is.  

Use the buyer's journey to structure your content to resonate with your audience. The wrong messaging at the wrong time can turn a hot lead, cold.

Your work is never done

There's no finish line when it comes to content creation. Old blogs can be reworked to incorporate new trends or different keywords. Existing content can be repackaged for new social ad campaigns.

I suggest performing an audit on your content after each quarter. You'll see what is and isn't working, marketing automation tools are great for this. You're able to build or change directions on your content strategy. Like I mentioned at the top of the blog, creating content is good. Creating content with a strategy in mind is better.  Let us know if you have any questions, we're happy to help! 


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