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You want people to be able to easily search for your business, more importantly you want that information to be correct. With new directory listing apps and websites being created every day it’s nearly impossible to claim each one, not to mention the headache of logging into each one should your business hours change slightly. Say hello to Yext.

medallions-bing-yahoo-facebook-yes-yelp-300x225.pngWhat The Heck Is Yext?

Yext lets companies manage their digital presence across 100+ map, app, search engine and directory listings in the Knowledge Network.

The Digital Presence Manager crawls through the web sending spiders to anywhere your business is listed on the internet and weaves a web ensuring the information is up-to-date and correct.

Is your office manager pulling her hair out trying to remember everywhere your business or practice is listed? Stress no more with Yext! Now they can login to Yext, update business hours, upload the new logo design, or even run your newest promotion all from one management system!

Want to list your business on a new directory? Yext can handle that too! The system holds the power to automatically list your business on its entire Knowledge Network. This not only allows local customers to look your business up by name, it in turn drives up your ‘local business rankings’ on Google, boosting SEO.


What Are The Benefits?

Yext has some pretty awesome benefits, all of which stick with your listings even if you cancel the service:

  • Yext matches your chosen business information across 100+ platforms and creates a master lock on that information so outside sources cannot alter it
  • Serves as one central hub for business information, making changes simple and in most cases instant. As a business owner you're able to chose the information you want listed, ensuring that it is correct. 
  • Yext consolidates and removes multiple listings for the same business. Have a new doctor join the practice but a listing still exists with a retired doctors name? Yext takes care of this without you needing to change anything other than your Yext portal template.
  • Yext provides local listing analytics showing you how often your business is searched for online
  • Allows you to create “Enhanced Listings” with photos, promotional specials, menus, biographies, etc.

Sounds too good to be true, I know but the benefits are real and permanent. Any changes or listing consolidations made while using Yext remain even after cancelling the service, with the exception of enhanced content which does cease as these directories often to not promote this information themselves.

I'm Not Sure Yext Is For My Business...

As with any business tool, one size does not fit all. While Yext is great for most businesses, it certainly doesn’t benefit all. Yext does not cover EVERY directory platform, the list is ever growing and improving and you should be sure that your listings will be serviceable.

Much of nothing in this world is free, data management services included. While the time savings and SEO boost that Yext’s services grant are invaluable, as a business owner you must consider whether they’re worth your precious budget dollars. If you are a smaller local business just starting out, it may be in your best interest to spend a few hours manually listing your information with larger directories. However, if you are the owner of a medium or larger established business Yext could be your new directory best friend. This is especially true if you’re opening a new location or or moving your business.

Would your company benefit from having enhanced listings which include promotions, videos, staff biographies, client project photos and more? This is a feature which DIY listing often requires additional fees for, Yext offers this in your yearly fee. Enhanced listings boosts you SEO and can direct more traffic to your website.

Keeping track of where your business is listed online and that those listings are correct is time consuming and difficult. While you can manage this on your own, Yext is the most time efficient and cost effective way to maintain control of your business listings across the web.


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