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Just like people, every business and brand possesses unique traits that make them stand out. They have defining qualities that make them memorable.

Identifying these traits is a key step in standing out, especially in highly competitive markets. These traits, what we call “remarkables,” not only differentiate a company from competitors but also capture the attention and loyalty of its audience.

Read on to discover the significance remarkables play in brand strategy and how they pave the way for lasting success.


The “Remarkables” Philosophy

Imagine for a moment you’re in a car, driving by a wide open field dotted with cows. They catch your eye at first, but after seeing cow after cow after cow, they all start to look the same. Maybe you stop noticing them altogether.

Now, imagine you see a purple cow. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, and it has surely made an impression. You’ll never forget this purple cow, and you’ll probably even spend the next few days telling your friends and family all about the incredible encounter you’ve had.

Think of the purple cow as your brand “remarkable.” It’s something that stands out, makes a huge impact, and gets people to talk and share their awesome experiences.

This purple cow concept is derived from Seth Goden’s best-selling book, “Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable.” But it’s something we fully believe in and embrace at LAIRE — both within our agency and for our clients.

Here’s a look at the remarkables we’ve set for our own brand:

laire agency remarkables

Understanding and embracing your brand remarkables is not just a smart business move; it’s a vital necessity in today’s fiercely competitive market.

Identifying and capitalizing on what sets a brand apart — whether it's a unique service offering, an exceptional warranty, or a specialized approach — provides a sense of purpose and clarity within the organization while setting it apart from others who might offer similar products or services.

How to Make Your Brand “Remarkable”-04

Knowing your brand remarkables forms the basis of a cohesive brand strategy, guides decision-making, informs marketing efforts, and supports customer interactions. For customers, remarkables convey authenticity and reliability, helping them make informed choices amidst a sea of options.

A company's remarkables showcase its commitment to providing value, elevating the overall customer experience, and fostering trust and loyalty. Ultimately, recognizing and leveraging these distinctive qualities can propel a brand forward, fueling growth, market positioning, and long-term success.


How to Identify What Makes Your Brand Remarkable

How to Make Your Brand “Remarkable”-01

Know Your Audience

Although understanding your audience is generally the golden rule for all marketing efforts, this is especially true for identifying your brand remarkables.

But how do you start? Talk to your current customers or clients.

Oftentimes, customers who’ve had a good experience with your brand will be willing to share their experience with you. Put 20 minutes on their calendar to ask guided questions about the highs and lows of their experience with your brand and what “special sauce” made you stand out from their perspective.

Simple surveys can also be an effective way to collect this information.

Conduct a Competitive Analysis

Before you can decide what makes you stand apart, you have to know what your competition is already doing.

Research your competitors by reviewing their websites, social media profiles, media mentions, and any other channels that can provide insight into their business practices. Tools like HubSpot’s Website Grader and SE Ranking can help you uncover the information you’re looking for.

Pay close attention to how they’re differentiating themselves (or how they aren’t) to identify your own potential remarkables.

Define Your Unique Value Proposition

Based on your product or service, feedback from your customers, and knowledge of what your competitors are already doing, identify your unique value proposition (UVP) or, in other words, what makes your brand remarkable.

A remarkable should clearly communicate what your products or services can offer to your audience — that nothing else on the market can — to solve their problems.

If you ideate more than one remarkable, that’s even better! Just make sure they’re totally unique to your brand, products, services, or processes.


5 Tips for Showcasing Your Remarkables to Your Audience

How to Make Your Brand “Remarkable”-02

1. Develop a Strong Brand Identity

  • Design a memorable logo and visual elements: To start, design a memorable logo and visual elements that encapsulate your brand remarkables. A logo is like the face of your brand, instantly recognizable and a powerful visual cue for what your business stands for.
  • Create consistent branding across all channels: Complement your logo with consistent branding across all channels, ensuring that every touchpoint — whether it’s your website, social media, or marketing collateral — reflects this identity seamlessly.
  • Establish brand guidelines for messaging and tone: Harmonize your messaging and tone by establishing brand guidelines, providing a cohesive voice that resonates with your remarkables.
  • Register your remarkable name and logo: To really make things official, register the name and even a logo for your remarkable to ensure your intellectual property stays with you. We did this for our Marketing Action Plan by LAIRE®.

2. Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences

  • How excellent customer service sets you apart: Delivering exceptional customer service sets you apart, transforming satisfied customers into brand advocates who amplify the reach and impact of your remarkables through positive experiences and enthusiastic referrals.
  • Create personalized and memorable interactions: Utilize personalized and memorable interactions to leave a lasting imprint on each customer, creating a deeper connection and reinforcing your brand's unique identity.
  • Gather feedback and continuously improve: By actively gathering feedback and implementing continuous improvements based on customer insights, you demonstrate a commitment to enhancing your offerings, making this dedication a remarkable aspect of your brand.

3. Leverage Storytelling

  • Tell your brand's unique story: Harness the power of storytelling to craft and share your brand's unique narrative, turning it into a remarkable force that captivates, resonates, and differentiates your business in the hearts and minds of your audience.
  • Create valuable content that educates and engages: Create valuable content that not only educates but engages your audience, effectively weaving your brand's story into meaningful narratives that offer insights, spark emotions, and create a lasting connection with you.
  • Build emotional connections with your audience: Build emotional connections with your audience by infusing your brand story with relatable experiences and authentic emotions, making your remarkables not just a product or service, but a compelling part of their lives.

4. Innovate and Adapt

  • Stay current with industry trends and technology: Stay current with industry trends and technology, embracing innovation and adaptation to ensure your company remains at the forefront, aligning with evolving customer needs and expectations.
  • Embrace change and adapt to customer needs: Embrace change and adapt to evolving customer needs. Allowing your remarkables to transform and cater to a shifting market ensures continued relevance and resonance with your audience.
  • Highlight innovation in your brand messaging: Showcase innovation in your brand messaging illustrating how your remarkables are a testament to your brand's commitment to staying ahead of the curve.

5. Promote Employee Brand Advocacy

  • Empower employees to become brand ambassadors: Empower employees to become enthusiastic brand ambassadors, igniting a ripple effect of genuine enthusiasm that amplifies your remarkables, strengthening your brand's credibility.
  • Encourage employees to share their positive experiences: Encourage employees to share their positive experiences, transforming their genuine enthusiasm into powerful testimonials that authentically spotlight your remarkables, solidifying trust and showcasing your brand's excellence.
  • Foster a company culture aligned with your brand values: Foster a company culture deeply aligned with your brand values, where employees embody and champion your remarkables, creating a cohesive and authentic narrative that resonates both within and beyond the organization.


Find Your Purple Cow

How to Make Your Brand “Remarkable”-03The essence of remarkables in the Purple Cow book lies in the ability of a brand to define and showcase its unique selling points, setting it apart amidst competition.

Just as every person possesses distinctive qualities that make them stand out, every brand holds its own set of remarkables that form the basis of its identity. Recognizing and leveraging these exceptional traits is not only strategic but crucial in today's competitive landscape.

At LAIRE, we understand the significance of identifying your remarkables. Through a focused 20-minute consult, we unravel the unique elements that make your brand exceptional, empowering you to strategically highlight your brand remarkables and carve a distinct niche in the market.

Your brand's story of success begins with recognizing what makes it truly remarkable — let us help you tell that story.Start Growing and Scaling

Arika Massey

Arika Massey

Arika is a seasoned marketer with a diverse background ranging from orchestra communications manager to running her own marketing agency. She brings the perfect blend of creativity and strategy to our team.