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Time is precious, especially in the world of business, and social media can definitely be expensive through the time it can take. Social media marketing strategies take a large amount of commitment to implement, something small business owners do not always have an excess of. While hiring an agency like LAIRE can be the solution, if you’re attempting to tackle the social media machine on your own we have suggestions to help you along the way.

Schedule, Schedule, Schedule!

By far the most important social marketing hack is to schedule and plan the content published to your social channels. Scheduling allows you to use your time most effectively, ensure that your accounts are being posted regularly, and can allow your entire team to contribute to what is being created and shared. Social Media schedulers such Hootsuite (FREE for up to three social profiles), Buffer, Sprout Social, Everypost, and Social Oomph allow you to plan, write and schedule your social content calendar with ease.


Curated Content Is Queen

If content is king, then curated content is the lovely queen. It is well known that high-quality content is the key to social media marketing success in our informative and evolving digital world. The biggest drawback is finding the time to create mass amounts of high-quality content. With the heavy time commitment involved in creating original content, many individuals, teams, and companies are turning to content curation. 

The basic idea behind content curation is to take some (or all) of content created somewhere else and feature it alongside your original work, providing credit to the original creators of course. One report found that 82% of marketers curate content. Overall, the best marketers create around 65% of their own content and curate an additional 25%. Curation allows you to find content that your readers and clients will enjoy, which supports your goals and message.

Remember, the key is not to replace originally produced content. To achieve the best result a combination is needed. Also, it’s vital to understand that the quality of content always outweighs the quantity of content.


Embed Your Social Posts

Social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, offer embed functions on social posts. These are not only quick call-to-actions, but also a way for your social media profiles to improve your site rankings. While this is great for search engine optimization, it can also be a way to increase your social profile traffic!

Consider installing ‘Click to Tweet,’ linking valuable pieces of information you feel your customers would share. When clicked, this information automatically loads into Twitter and all your reader has to do is click ‘share’.


Utilize Your Tools & Resources

A DIY homeowner working on a small project wouldn’t run out to purchase an expensive carpenter saw to cut a wooden board, and as a small business owner, you shouldn’t pay for tools you don’t need either.

Social media is ruled by images; you can’t post just any photo and expect it to generate engagement. Look around your business, you may be able to snap a few yourself. Stock photo sites such as UnSplash.com, StockSnap.io, and Pexels.com can be great resources for free to low-cost stock photos. Get instant graphic design with Canva, where anyone can create social media graphics quickly.

Utilize the analytic tools and information your social media channels to track your current audience. These insights and analytics can give you insight about what currently interests your audience, what content you should be producing, and who you should be including in your target audience.


Show Your Personality

If there is one piece that is consistently missing on a business social media page, it’s personality. Sure you’ve shared what your business can do for clients, but what about the faces behind the brand? Don’t be afraid to ask a client to snap a selfie with you! Most often, if they’re happy with the services received, they’ll be flattered.

Marketing is all about relationships. Don’t use social media as a simple broadcasting tool to blast advertisements and promotions; use it to connect to the very real people who are online today and in need of your services.


If you’re wondering why your social media posts aren’t growing your business or are struggling to implement an effective marketing plan for your business, we’d love to be a resource for you. The best time saver of all can be a virtual assistant! Schedule a free marketing assessment with our experts and let’s discuss your business goals. We’re ready to help!

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This blog was originally published on July 1, 2016 and updated on April 16, 2021 for accuracy.