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Yes, a business has basic boxes to check to create a presence on social media:
✔️ Have activity on Facebook, and other social media channels (more than 1 post a month!)
✔️ Claim your Google My Business listing so you're relevant in search
✔️ Make sure your business' reviews are visible on social media, your website, and search
✔️ Back it all with a mobile-friendly website

But for some savvy viewers, the basics are no longer enough. You need to cater to these smart followers, who could be on social media most of their day, and are ready to be "wow"ed!

This is true not just for potential clients, but for your existing clients, too. Your biggest growth could come from continued business and referrals by clients you already know! Read on to see how to reach beyond the social media hum-drum with these marketing tips:

Provide Helpful Content 

Blogging is a way to keep your business' website fresh, and it's also a way to be helpful to your potential and current clients, WITHOUT a sales pitch. Every time you post a new blog on your website it creates a new web, which provides an opportunity to turn up in a search engine’s results list. 

By implementing relevant keywords in the post, you increase the likelihood that someone searching for information regarding those keywords will come across your website and become interested in your company and what it has to say. 

Give readers something that will delight them, educate them and generate their trust and goodwill. By sharing helpful content, you are showing them that you are an authority in your field and have their best interests at heart. With the constant updates in Facebook's algorithm to the detriment of business pages, the channel prioritizes posts that are genuine, over click-bait or "sales-y" ones. One of the best ways to be genuine is to share education, and direct readers back to your website to learn more. 

Keep Up with Video

It's true -- most would rather watch it than read it. With the rise of live streaming and news feeds filled with videos, it is the way to go to pack a punch in a minute or less (ideally). Then there's Instagram Stories, which over 500 million people use each month. So don't miss the chance to connect with your audience the way they may prefer. If you can get smiling faces into your message, then even better. The themes of your videos should vary:

  • Focus on your business, like a tour or Meet the Team segments.
  • Share news - new team members, new products, new offers. 
  • Have fun - promote a silly team contest, or get in on the latest pop-culture trend (think mannequin challenge, but don't - that's old news). 
  • Make it interactive - take polls and quizzes. 

For more, check out our blog ‘How to Make Your Video Content Stand Out on Social Media’. 

Connect with Email

Email is new again. And it can be very effective IF you do it right and don't spam your database. Reaching your contacts in their inbox can help you generate revenue over time, simply by staying in touch. 

The trick is to personalize your messages -- address your reader by name by using personalization fields or tags, and send them content and offers that will matter to them. In order for email marketing to work for your business, you must segment your list into interest groups and buyer stage (newly interested, or already purchased?). Try these email types to connect:

  • Welcome new clients to the family with a virtual handshake, and prep them with any business info they need (customer portal logins, free resources, helplines, etc.)
  • Send an e-newsletter for your business, showing your team, product updates, and providing social links
  • Email seasonal offers to segments of your list who would be specifically interested in what you're promoting
  • Connect through education by sharing new blog articles
  • Distribute a survey to see how you can improve, what they want, and get feedback on what you're doing well 

Email tools like Mailchimp or Active Campaign make the process simple and graphically interesting. You will get analytics reports after emails are sent to see how your emails were received, and what cues you should take to adjust your next email campaign. 

Learn more in our blog, ‘Make Email Marketing Magic AND Blow Your ROI Through the Roof’.

Get Social 

Meet your clients on their channel of choice. How do you know? Ask! If you've been putting all your eggs into the Facebook basket, and your customer base is on Twitter, then you've just been marketing to no one. Then, when your business ventures into other social media channels, be sure to take cues from the posts around you. 

For instance, on Instagram, the posts are creative, good-looking, and also share a behind-the-scenes glimpse into your business. Your business' posts should follow suit, with your own unique spin.

If you're not comfortable on a certain social channel, chances are that there is someone on your team who is a pro at it. Delegate the tweeting or posting to them so viewers get an insider's perspective of your business. 

Figure out how to be present in our article, ‘Social Media Basics for Businesses’.


By bringing fresh marketing trends into your business you could also bring fresh leads, and the opportunity to grow beyond the status quo.

If you'd like some help taking your revenue to the next level, our team of experienced marketers will be happy to guide you. Contact us for a complimentary assessment of your company's marketing. 

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Lisa Morgan

Lisa Morgan

Lisa works directly with the LAIRE team to keep the clients' brand voices clear in the cluttered world of the Internet and social media. With over 25 years of experience in Brand Development & Consumer Marketing, she has worked with national retailers, manufacturers, and entrepreneurs to create branded marketing initiatives. Her hands-on experiences as both a designer and account director allow her to develop a creative vision backed by structure and strategy.