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Sales leaders need total visibility into sales metrics. To accelerate growth, you must understand both your customers and conversions to make the most of the opportunities generated. With the right sales reports, you can reliably and consistently meet revenue goals.

With HubSpot Sales Hub reporting software, you can gain deeper insights into your pipeline to help you accurately forecast performance and convert leads. But where to start?

Free HubSpot Sales Reports

There's nothing wrong with free. HubSpot offers several free sales reports that can deliver eye-opening insights you can apply immediately to start seeing results. They offer proof that inbound marketing and sales strategies work. Let’s take a look at some of them. 

Deal Forecast Report

updated-deal-forecast report 2020

Through this simple yet ingenious report, you'll be able to see how much potential your pipeline is generating at each deal stage. This report automatically estimates future revenues based not only on what's in the pipeline but its probability of achieving a deal.

For example, if you have a $1000 deal that has a 90% probability of closing in that stage, the report counts 90% (or $900) in your forecast. 60%, and it's $600. Won deals count as 100%. This allows you to see how deals are moving through the stages. With more accurate forecasting, you'll be able to see earlier in the pipeline how better team alignment, sales enablement, and sales automation change your revenue-generation potential.

This would be convoluted and time-consuming to calculate manually. But with sales automation, this delivers this much more accurate forecast regularly.

Funnel Report

contact-funnel-all-stages report 2022With this free HubSpot Sales report, you can see your contacts moving through the deal stages and how they're progressing. Looking across different types of funnel reports allows you to see how well your team is progressing.

Using this report also helps you fine-tune your deal forecast report (above) because you need to take 2 critical steps to achieve forecasting accuracy.

  1. Make sure your deal stages represent the most critical conversion milestones in the pipeline. At what point does a person progress to the next stage?
  2. Fine-tune the probability of a contact moving to the next stage at that milestone.

This funnel report gives you the conversion rate for each stage you'll need to determine your probability.

Sales Activity/Productivity Report

Hubpot Sales Activity Productivity ReportWith this HubSpot Sales Hub Report, you can track team productivity, compare individual sales performance, and better understand where and how to handle coaching. You'll better understand where you need to increase the use of automation to support the sales team outreach.

Keep track of all the moving pieces that must work in unison to close deals. Help your team do the same to increase personal performance.


HubSpot Sales Hub Reports Professional and Enterprise (Paid)

You can get a lot out of free reports, but like most "freemium" products, one distinct advantage of paid reports is their time-saving capability. They allow you to home in on the information you need more quickly and effectively.

This increases the number of data points you can analyze and understand at one time. But it also enhances your usage of sales automation to get the most out of data. And it makes sales enablement strategies more impactful.

As a result, you spend less time glued to reports, trying to combine information to make sense of it. You have more time to take a step back, align marketing and sales and grow a sales team that gets results and exemplifies the success you know they're capable of.

Custom Report Builder


You have questions about your team's performance. A custom report allows you to compile the data that specifically answers those questions. There's no waiting for your outsourced IT agency to customize a report for you. HubSpot Sales Hub was built with the Sales Manager in mind.

Its user-friendly design lets you decide what you need to see on a report and it delivers that report to you on a schedule or on-demand.

Yes, you can put marketing and CRM data alongside sales data to better understand how marketing sales and service are working together to fill the pipeline and result in closed deals.

Stage Probability Weighted Forecast Report

Weighted_Pipeline_Forecast_enThis report gives you a weighted probability of meeting your sales goals this month or quarter. Get ahead of your results. See how forecasts change over time.

Actively make changes and see how they impact the forecasts—for better or worse—instead of having to wait a quarter to see if what you did worked. Now, you're making more data-driven decisions that promote faster, more sustainable growth.

And when you do this across marketing, sales, and service through unified technology, you amplify results.

Deal Pipeline Report


Where the free funnel report gives you a broad overview, this report helps you take a deep dive into sales performance in real-time.

It allows you to identify the sales activities that are most critical to eventually closing that deal. You can then prioritize sales tasks and reallocate human resources as needed.

This both keeps sales members on track and highly motivated. They more quickly and consistently see the fruits of their labor. They're working within a system that supports success and they feel valued, which is critical to keeping high-performing talent.

Within the pipeline report, waterfall reporting helps you spot improvement opportunities.

Keep track of adjusted close dates and other changes in pipeline stages that impact the close. From these advanced analytics, you'll learn how to coach your team to keep deals on track.

And best of all, you don't need an analyst to make sense of this report. Again, all HubSpot Sales reports are designed with the Sales Manager in mind.

Overall Activity Report

Productivity by Rep

Much of Sales is a numbers game. "X" number of emails sent results in "X" number of contacts moving to the next deal stage.

Running a productive team means both understanding this relationship and knowing that a certain number of these communications are going out.

The overall activity report summarizes the number of specific activities that take place daily and weekly:

  • Cold calls
  • Follow-up calls
  • Emails sent
  • Meetings arranged
  • Visits completed
  • Leads generated
  • Deals closed
  • Products sold
  • Sales revenue
  • Target revenue (your stated daily goal)
  • Variance between target and actual sales revenue

As a handy feature, you can add notes to each day to remind yourself of why a particular variance occurred. This will allow you to analyze what happened and be prepared to discuss results with upper management.

Reasons for Lost Deal Report

Activities alone don't determine sales success. Your team is most productive when their efforts result in closed deals. So a lost deal is something you'll want to take a closer look at. At the same time, you need to know if deals are failing for a particular reason, such as:

  • Lack of authority
  • Chose competitor
  • Competition
  • Not the right time
  • Price too high

Reviewing HubSpot Sales Reports like this one allow you to identify the barrier holding your team back. Quite often, what you learn will necessitate communication and alignment across marketing, sales, and service with centralized information, resources, sales enablement, and automation to enhance your team's probability of success.

Team Productivity Reports

Individ Sale Rep Performance_image4-9You can also build individual reports that automatically go out to each sales member, helping them track performance, prioritize their efforts, and maximize their productivity.

Most people in sales want to succeed. But quite often, sales departments don't have the tools sales reps need to manage their own success. When you present a sales rep with reliable performance and activity information, they will do the rest—raising their own bar, competing with their own past performance, and contributing more to the collective revenue generation happening in sales.

Other Reporting and Productivity Tools in HubSpot Sales Hub

Here are a few HubSpot tools worth honorable mentions. We'd love you to explore these with us:

  • Document tracking to generate purchase orders faster
  • Call tracking and recording
  • Contact management and centralized CRM-based organization tools
  • Lead scoring to further marketing-sales alignment and prioritize outreach
  • Sales automation of sequences and workflows to eliminate repetitive tasks and improve the team's ability to stay on track
  • Built-in Linkedin integrations to generate leads, nurture prospects, and close deals all from one platform

This is powerful stuff and a real game-changer for the sales manager struggling to juggle a million competing priorities, all while consistently meeting sales and revenue goals. A HubSpot partner agency can help you migrate to the HubSpot CRM with minimal disruption and get the highest return on your HubSpot reporting and automation investment.


Better HubSpot Sales Reports with a HubSpot Partner

LAIRE is a proud platinum HubSpot agency partner. We strongly believe in the inbound methodology and the technology, so naturally, we use and recommend the HubSpot CRM for businesses who want to enhance the customer experience and consistently deliver on sales goals.

Is the lack of adequate sales reporting among the gaps holding you back? Find out with our FREE 20-Minute Assessment:

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