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So you've got a website for your business... that's great! Maybe you've even optimized and marketed it to help bring in more website visitors. These website visitors are your traffic. Getting traffic to your website can be one of the biggest marketing struggles for a new campaign. But once you've started getting traction there, your challenge is actually doing something with that traffic. Getting people to see your website is only half the battle.

Like any marketing, advertising, or sales tool, you need someone to take an action to really see the ROI of your efforts. The same is true of your website. When businesses come to us asking for help with their website or for any marketing help, one of their major complaints is that they're getting traffic to their website but they aren't getting new business from their efforts.

Our response to this is you need better calls-to-action or "CTAs."

What is a CTA?

A CTA is a call-to-action. This is something that stands out on your website and tells readers explicitly what action to take next so they can do business with you.

CTAs can take many forms. Your CTAs should stand out, show value to the reader, and tell them what they're going to get when they click. They could be brightly colored buttons or links that are bolded or underlined. As long as there's something there that calls the attention of your visitors. That's the "call" part. Check out these examples: 

Inline Link CTA Examples:

This is an inline link that draws your attention to our blog about How to Write and Design a Brilliant CTA.

You can also learn more about designing awesome CTAs here >> 

CTA Button Example:

Click to Become a CTA Expert


All of these examples draw your attention and directly tell you what action I want you to take. That leads us to the "action" part.

Your website visitors want and need your direction to guide them through your content. They want to take action. You need to tell them, "Hey I want to work with you! And here's how you can get started."

There are many different types of calls-to-action.

Determining what CTA you want to use depends on the content you have and what journey you want your website visitors to take on your site. To figure this out, you have to consider what you want to happen when visitors click on your CTA.

Are they going to download an ebook or a checklist that can help them solve a problem they are having? For example, check out our graphic call-to-action at the bottom of this article for our free guide: 25 Website Must-Haves. 

Are they going to get more information about your services to make sure they're a fit? Do they need to click to request pricing information to see if their budget matches what your services cost? Maybe you want them to contact you directly or set up a phone call.

These are all great examples of what a clear and helpful CTA could be on your website. 

Turning your visitors into leads doesn't end with your CTA.

Calls-to-action are your first step to getting more leads (and better leads) out of your website. Think of CTAs as one piece of a puzzle. That puzzle is your lead-generating website. Make sure you plan for the other pieces of the puzzle too. 

What happens on the other side of that click? You'll need to create landing pages with thoughtful forms so you can gather your website visitors' information in exchange for the information they are looking for. 

After that, you need thank you pages to tell your new leads you are happy that they gave you that information. You will also need a follow-up email to deliver their content and to keep in touch with them after they leave your website.

To make sure you don't lose track of these leads, you will need a full marketing funnel and a sales funnel. This will ensure no one falls through the cracks and will help you through the process to make sure your leads become closed clients.

If you need help setting up your CTAs or optimizing your existing CTAs we're here to help! If you are interested in what our process looks like in developing this true lead generating and lead nurturing system, let us know. We'd love to chat.

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