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As we barrel toward the beginning of a new decade, we can’t help but reflect on some of our most notable content moments of the year. After unveiling our new status as a Hubspot Platinum Agency Partner in our very first blog of 2019, we shifted our focus back to helping our clients and other B2B brands drive growth through inbound marketing strategies. Our 2019 blog roll covers all things inbound marketing, sales, and strategy, with topics ranging from Hubspot integration hacks to optimizing paid search campaigns, and everything in between. 

When we looked back through our HubSpot blog stats, we were pleasantly surprised by the topics that floated to the top of the most-viewed list this year. Growth-driven website design strategies will continue to trend upward in 2020 as digital marketers make adjustments to comply with evolving digital trends such as voice search, video, interactive content, and more. We will keep you up to date on how to stay ahead with your digital content strategy in 2020, and until then, we recommend taking a look at our top blogs from 2019.

Our Most Popular Blogs of 2019

1. Growth-Driven Design Propels Manufacturer, $100k Closed in 1 Month

Conitex Sonoco first engaged LAIRE in 2017 in need of website consolidation. A global manufacturer of packing and transport supply brands, Conitex sought a solution that would allow them to operate many brands under one cohesive website and easily integrate new brands and products as the business grew. LAIRE began a year-long, growth-driven web design and content project, resulting in increased web traffic on 100-page fully optimized website and content offers hosted on the HubSpot platform. Upon completion of the website, Conitex Sonoco signed on with LAIRE for full-service marketing strategy and implementation. In the first 8 months of 2019, web leads (marketing) account for 43% of all leads and have influenced $200k in closed revenue! 
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2. The Essential Launch Checklist for Your Website Redesign

Redesigning your website is an exciting, yet complex undertaking. There are many ways to screw it up, which is why following a checklist is especially important. From research and development to content creation to marketing to optimization, it's important to cover all of your bases prior to your website launch. We work with many brands throughout the year to plan and launch website redesigns of all shapes and sizes. We have put together a checklist of important factors to consider leading up to the launch of your new site. This list helps our team stay on track with our web projects, and we hope it does the same for you! Feel free to share it with a friend or colleague who is taking on a website redesign project.
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3. Case Study: Home Remodeler Grows 62% with Inbound Marketing Plan

We handle the Inbound Marketing strategy and activities for a family-owned and operated home renovation company. The company delivers high-quality residential projects, from second-story additions and in-law suites to kitchen renovations and remodels. Since coming on board with LAIRE in 2015, the company’s revenue has grown by 62%, and its average job size has increased by $77k per project.
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4. How to Design a Killer LinkedIn Ad

LinkedIn is the number one channel to effectively and consistently reach business professionals online.  Whether you’ve tried implementing LinkedIn ads and have come up short, or you are looking for some guidance on how to start, our strategy for creating killer ads on LinkedIn will help. In this article we will explain some of the best practices to follow when designing your ads in LinkedIn. While your design is important, it’s not the number one criteria when creating your ad, you also have to pay attention to your targeting criteria and the experiment you want to run.
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5.  How Much Does a Lead Generation Website Cost?

Websites don’t automatically become lead generating powerhouses. It takes time, a well planned strategy, and capital! A fully optimized website can be the best marketing asset you have, and it can even be your best salesperson. A lot of the time people are first being introduced to your brand through your website. It’s your opportunity to make a good first impression, offer value to visitors, and prove your expertise in your industry. So, how much does a lead generating website cost?
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LAIRE is committed to helping your brand grow with an inbound marketing approach that has proven effective for brands of all sizes. Whether your website traffic is down or you are struggling to attract new qualified leads, LAIRE has the tools to help. Schedule a free 20 minute marketing audit to discuss your current pain points with one of our HubSpot certified partners, and get yourself on track to finding a solution.

The key to any successful sales process - whether you're up-selling or cross-selling - is having a consistent influx of leads coming to your website. If getting leads is a struggle, download your copy of our FREE Inbound Marketing Checklist to see what improvements you could make to start seeing better results. 

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