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Wanting to show a marketing team member gratitude and appreciation for their work, but you’re unsure exactly how to do that? We’ve got you covered. These holiday (or anytime) gift ideas can be just the thing to show a valuable employee that you care. We turned to our own team members for a list of the gifts that they currently enjoy, or would like to have. Keep reading for the full, curated list of items that any marketer would use - whether remote or in-office. 

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Bluelight Glasses

These days, people get most bluelight exposure from computers, indoors and all day long and into the nighttime. This impacts sleep, mood, and even vision over time. For a role that relies heavily on a screen, blue light glasses are among the best gifts for marketers. And stylish options can be found everywhere, from Target to Warby Parker.

Invisible Laptop Stand 

This simple solution has business owners everywhere saying, "why didn't I think of that?". It sticks to the laptop base like a Popsocket/ Popgrip does for the smartphone. Then, it folds up when not in use. Expand it to improve laptop ergonomics.

Portable Heater

Admit it. Nothing feels more comforting on a cold winter evening than sitting beside a fireplace. No, you can't buy them a fireplace. Please don't try! But a portable heater was the remote LAIRE team's next best option. Place it right under your desk for the cozy environment you’re after. Your brain thinks better when your feet aren’t cold!

Portable Standing Desk Riser

Computer-centered workers sit A LOT. It makes them tired and eventually leads to health problems—you could end up paying for in lost productivity.  Portable standing desks don't have to be expensive. A desk like this is a practical, low-cost, but visually stunning solution to make any marketer feel special.

Lighting Kit 

Ready to take your Zoom calls to the next level? Help your marketer glow on video calls, revealing their best side for the camera and boosting the level of professionalism in front of clients. Make every employee feel like a YouTube influencer and feel inspired to create their best content.

Webcam Cover 

We’ve all had a good laugh watching as the world had to learn how to use a webcam for the first time—often with disastrous results. A webcam cover is a thoughtful gift for marketers who work from home and may have forgotten to change out of their Sponge Bob Square Pants pajamas before the Zoom call.

Uplifting Notebooks 

This one is a must for creative teams. Studies show writing things physically on paper can boost creativity and follow through on personal goals. They also liven up the desk, making it prettier and more inspiring.

Noise-Canceling Headphones 

This one is perhaps one of the best gifts for people who work from home because they may have other family members, dogs, or lawnmowers distracting them. But the LAIRE team also empathized with marketers who were still subjected to the open-office concepts. Since these office layouts persist, they begged us to include this one on the best gifts list.

Lightweight/Ergonomic Keyboard & Mouse

Back to ergonomics, a more ergonomic keyboard, and mouse set-up is one of those gift ideas that has kept giving for years. No more wrist pain.

Cord Organizers 

The best gifts for people who work from home are practical. They help people feel organized and put together, so they can focus on work when it's work time and family and social when it's time for that. Tuck away your cables and cords for a neat desk space with a gift like this. 

Phone Stand

You won't believe how inexpensive this beautiful bamboo phone stand is. Okay, we'll tell you—about $3 a pop at Ikea. It can also hold a tablet, by the way.

Cable Roll-Up Case

It's a phone stand that's also a case where you can wind and store your charging cable. Who wouldn't think this is one of the best gifts ever!?

Elastic Tech Organizer Band

For creative people like marketers, sitting in the same boring office all day can drag down inspiration. So, great gifts for people who work from home make it easy for them to move around to where they do their best work. This elastic organizer band helps them stay organized without a clunky laptop bag to carry around.

Balance Board

A balance board is not just a remedy for long hours of sitting. It makes a person more energized and inspired as they stand while working. While this doesn't replace exercise, it's nice for people who may need to work long hours sometimes to be able to do two things at once.

Portable External Monitor 

People work more efficiently with multiple monitors, but this is harder with a laptop. Portable external monitors can attach to a laptop and extend the screen so they can work anywhere more easily. Our team members rave about this one! 

Mute Me

We've all been there—scrambling for the mute button when a child, spouse, or co-worker walks in at the wrong time. This "emergency button" makes it easy to mute a call, video chat, etc. if someone unexpectedly walks into the home office.

Mini Dry Erase Noteboard

They're great for ideation and can help remote employees communicate ideas quickly and visually on video calls.

Dust Cleaner 

Our gift guide for marketers wouldn't be complete without this gooey gel electronics cleaner that goos where other dust cleaners can't.

Personalized Mousepad 

Marketers are all about personalizing the message to be most relevant to your customers. Stay relevant to your employees in the same way. The personalized mousepad is an essential desk item if you ask us.


LIFESTYLE Holiday Gifts Ideas for Marketers

LAIRE gift guide blog images 2

Cocktail Kit / Virtual Mixology Classes 

Work hard, play hard? We know this may not be for everyone, but if you’re looking for a fun twist on a traditional gift, this may be just the thing. 

Personalized Blanket 

It's the perfect gift for cold offices and is personalized so others won’t take your stuff. Enough said. 

Calm App Gift Card

The role mental health and wellness play in performance is undeniable. Show you value how they feel as much as what they do by paying for a subscription to Calm App or something similar. Apps like this can help with mood, memory, sleep, creativity, and overall mindfulness.

Travel Bag

Everyone can get some use out a great weekend travel bag for weekend trips or working for a couple of hours at the park. Definitely make sure you grab one with a specific laptop compartment for the jetsetter on your team. 

Gifts for a Pet 

Pets are family too, right? Maybe your marketer feels like they have everything they need, but would love a chance to spoil a furry friend. Surprise them with the ‘pawfect’ gift for their four-legged loved ones.  

Stanley Water Bottle 

Everyone could benefit from being more hydrated, right? Why not do it in style? This favorite gift is sure to be a hit for any marketer in your life. 


Plants don't just make desks prettier. Studies show people feel more relaxed when they see green plants. Plus, a real plant cleans stale office air, making it healthier to breathe. How about liven up their space with some thoughtful greenery?  


One of our team members found this funny candle that describes most marketing teams perfectly, "I survived another meeting that should have been an email." Add to cart. Immediately. 

Grocery Subscription

It’s always nice to get a gift that saves time so they can spend more non-work time with friends and family. 

Food Delivery Service Giftcard 

The same goes for gifts that allow them to skip dinner prep on a busy night and order in - or allow them to have a special lunch without sweating the cost. A fun gift for the foodie, for sure! 

Masterclass Subscription 

You want your team to be lifelong learners. Perpetual learning (of any topic) helps marketers bring fresh and new ideas to their marketing campaigns. 


What Do Marketers Really Want? 

You really can’t go wrong with any of the ideas listed in this gift guide for marketers. 

At the same time, it's vital to revisit what marketers say most impacts their overall success. The best gift ideas for marketers include:

  1. Agreement on what a Sales Qualified Lead looks like
  2. Forms that have real contact information they can follow up on
  3. A realistic marketing budget, that not only focuses on revenues now but on growing the brand and company
  4. Processes supported with technology that respects their time and helps them work efficiently
  5. Communication, collaboration, and automation technology that enables a true partnership with Sales so there's less in-fighting and more meeting important business goals together

Are you providing your marketing team with the tools it needs to succeed? We can help. Start with a free marketing assessment from LAIRE. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. 

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Laura Laire

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