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So you’re at the point in your business where you’re ready to scale.

You want sustainable growth, and you’re ready to invest in a solution — provided that it helps you reach your goals and boosts your numbers in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

What you need is a Marketing Action Plan (MAP) by LAIRE®, a foundational marketing strategy that identifies your biggest growth opportunities.

The LAIRE MAP identifies your company’s most unique aspects that attract potential clients and sets you up with a 12-month digital marketing plan to crush your goals.

Our traditional MAP is somewhat of a commitment — both in time and monetarily — especially for small businesses or startups just dipping their toes into digital marketing.

That’s why now, we’re excited to announce that our MAP comes in three options to fit your needs: the full Marketing Action Plan by LAIRE, the DIY Marketing Action Plan Workbook, and our AI-powered MAP that leverages artificial intelligence to help you understand your customers, your market, and your most promising marketing opportunities better.

Let’s get into what each one entails.


Marketing Action Plan (MAP) by LAIRE®

For a full-service, comprehensive marketing strategy that goes all out with details, in-depth competitor research, and actionable steps for achieving your biggest goals, the LAIRE Marketing Action Plan is it.

It’s a digital marketing plan that encompasses the foundation of your entire marketing journey from conception to execution.

The full scope of the Marketing Action Plan includes:


The Marketing Action Plan begins by taking a deep dive into the foundation of your company — your core values, your aspirations, your desires — and then identifying the main goals of your business for the future.

Buyer Personas

We conduct market research and even interview your employees, staff, and customers to identify the most accurate buyer personas for your brand.

Brand Remarkables

The next step is identifying the unique selling points of your business — or what we call “remarkables.” These are the products, services, or offerings that set you apart from your competition and mark you as the top choice in your industry.

Competitor Research

We conduct an intensive audit of your direct competitors, including their websites, social media, content, and other marketing tactics, and determine how to position your brand as the number one choice in your industry.

Website Plan

We take a look at your current website, assess the challenges preventing you from leveraging it as a lead generation tool, and create a plan for full website optimization.

Content Plan

We provide a thorough content marketing plan that uses your brand guidelines for consistent messaging across all channels. The aim is to resonate with your audience in a way that speaks to them most and encourages them to engage with your brand — and, ultimately, convert into loyal customers.

Social Media Plan

We determine where your target audience spends time online and create a social media strategy to help build a strong community with your ideal customers, build brand awareness, and position you as a thought leader in your industry.

Digital Advertising Plan

Based on the platforms we determine will be best for your business, we develop a strategy for running paid ads to expand the reach of your content and bring in more opportunities for acquiring new customers.

Marketing Action Plan by LAIRE Commitment

3 Types of Marketing Strategies- MAP vs Workbook vs AI_Graphic 1 Freepik-1

Following a multi-phase process spanning up to eight weeks, we’ll present to you a finalized plan designed to get you on the path to achieving your biggest, most lucrative goals.

In summary, the Marketing Action Plan by LAIRE:

  • Is a comprehensive roadmap covering all aspects of digital marketing
  • Is ideal for companies seeking a detailed and tailored marketing strategy
  • Requires significant investment of time and resources (up to $15,000 to $25,000)
  • Offers extensive customization and personalized guidance
  • Is best suited for businesses with larger budgets and a high level of commitment to strategic planning

The Marketing Action Plan by LAIRE is a full-scope strategy that encompasses all aspects of digital marketing. It’s not a simple, quick solution. It is a long-term, in-depth process for brands that are ready to get the most out of their investment.


Marketing Action Plan Workbook

For brands that aren’t yet ready to go as in-depth as the full Marketing Action Plan, one solution is the free Marketing Action Plan Workbook.

It’s a guided, self-paced approach encompassing most aspects of the comprehensive MAP. What makes it different is that instead of the LAIRE team assessing the strengths and weaknesses of your current marketing strategy (if you have one), you’ll build your own plan using the guided workbook.

The Marketing Action Plan Workbook provides data-driven insights and strategies to help you form actionable steps to achieve your goals. With it, you’ll be able to:

  • Determine your biggest goals and how to achieve them
  • Craft accurate buyer personas for your business
  • Build a solid plan for content and social media
  • Identify your “remarkables” and leverage them to generate leads

If you’re looking for a way to get started with a strong foundation for your digital marketing efforts, our MAP Workbook is a fantastic resource to help you clarify your goals and determine actionable steps to achieve them — without making a large upfront investment.

MAP Workbook Commitment

3 Types of Marketing Strategies- MAP vs Workbook vs AI_Graphic 2 Freepik

In summary, the free Marketing Action Plan Workbook:

  • Provides a comprehensive scope with a more accessible entry point
  • Offers strategic guidance without the time and monetary commitment of the full MAP process
  • Is suitable for businesses at different stages of growth and with varying budgets
  • Provides valuable insights and recommendations for improving marketing efforts
  • Is ideal for companies looking for a practical and cost-effective solution to enhance their marketing strategies

A practical choice for businesses at different stages of growth, this DIY workbook allows you to leverage our MAP methodology even if you’re not ready to commit to the full process. All you need is a few hours of your time and a quiet place to sit down and dive in.


AI-Powered Marketing Action Plan

LAIRE is thrilled to announce our new MAP offering, the AI-powered Marketing Action Plan. Fueled by innovative AI technology, this version is a slightly condensed version of our traditional MAP that offers distinct affordability and time-saving advantages.

Our AI MAP provides insights and actionable strategies across the following marketing elements:

Buyer Personas

We utilize expertly curated AI prompts to research and understand the demographics, pain points, and buying habits of your ideal audience.

Brand Remarkables

Based on your target customers’ defining traits and challenges, we explore and identify key brand attributes and messaging themes to ensure consistent and compelling communication across all touchpoints.

Website Plan

We employ AI-driven website analytics tools to assess user engagement, navigation patterns, and conversion rates and identify areas for optimization and improvement, such as page load times, user experience (UX), and content relevance.

Content Plan

By leveraging AI to analyze market trends, competitors, and audience preferences, we generate data-driven insights to inform the most effective content strategy for you that resonates with your target audience and drives meaningful engagement.

Social Media Plan

Using a combination of social media best practices, plus conversations, trends, and sentiment around your brand and industry, we identify opportunities for social engagement, content creation, and reputation management.

Digital Advertising Plan

We leverage AI to inform the best channels for running paid ads for your business, as well as other insights like your ideal budget, messaging, and more.

AI MAP Commitment

3 Types of Marketing Strategies- MAP vs Workbook vs AI-03-1

The LAIRE AI marketing plan offers a more accessible and efficient alternative to the full MAP process and provides you with strategic guidance that’s facilitated by the latest advancements in artificial intelligence technology and guided by the LAIRE team.

This reduces the time and resources required to conceptualize and establish a marketing strategy but also ensures you receive tailored insights highly targeted to your specific goals and objectives.

In summary, our AI-generated marketing plan offers:

  • An innovative solution leveraging artificial intelligence for streamlined planning
  • Affordability (starting at $7,500) and time-saving advantages (two to three weeks) compared to the full MAP process
  • Highly targeted insights and recommendations through advanced algorithms and data analysis
  • A perfect fit for businesses looking for a cutting-edge and efficient approach to creating a marketing strategy


Choosing the Right MAP for You

When deciding which type of action plan for digital marketing is best for you — the full monty, the workbook, or the AI MAP — there are several factors to consider.

First, you’ll want to assess your goals. What are your specific requirements and the resources available to you? Factors like budget, timeline, and the outcome you’d like to see can help you determine whether the full MAP, the MAP Workbook, or the AI-powered MAP solution is right for you.

In addition, you’ll want to evaluate the level of customization and personalization that’s required for your needs. While the full MAP offers the most tailored and detailed plan, the AI-powered MAP solution can provide a high degree of customization through its advanced algorithms and data analysis capabilities.

You’ll also want to consider how important things like scalability and flexibility are to you.

If you’re ready to scale and want a highly personalized and customizable plan, the full MAP is the wisest choice. But if you’re looking for a low-risk way to start planning your marketing and implement tried-and-true tactics as quickly as possible, the MAP Workbook and the AI-powered MAP are great options.

Whichever option you choose, you’ll get a solid framework that’s able to adapt to your evolving needs. All three options are primed for optimal performance to give you the results you desire.


A Customized Roadmap for Your Specific Journey

The full Marketing Action Plan provides a comprehensive and detailed roadmap for businesses seeking in-depth strategic guidance, while the MAP Workbook offers a middle-ground solution that provides a comprehensive scope without the commitment of the full MAP process.

The innovative AI-powered MAP solution leverages artificial intelligence for a streamlined planning process that offers affordability and time-saving advantages compared to the full MAP process.

Carefully evaluate these options and see which aligns with your specific needs and budget. Whatever option you choose, know that you’ll be able to optimize your marketing strategy and drive success, growth, and profitability.

Need help getting started or want a little more guidance? Schedule a quick call with LAIRE CEO and co-founder, Todd Laire. He’ll walk you through each option and help you determine what’s best for you and your business.

Ika Chigogidze

Ika Chigogidze

Ika brings an academic background in ancient languages to the marketing realm, giving her a unique perspective on sales and marketing copywriting. Her experience spans B2B and B2C businesses in all industries, with a knack for crafting compelling and persuasive, yet educational content.