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Earlier this year, HubSpot unleashed its new artificial intelligence (AI) tools, Content Assistant and ChatSpot, offering digital marketers and sales teams an unparalleled edge in content creation, lead generation management, and beyond.

And let us tell you, they’re pretty cool.

Imagine having a virtual assistant by your side, harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology to craft captivating content, streamline data entry, transcribe sales conversations, and optimize lead management systems. That’s just a taste of what these innovative tools can do for you.

Keep reading to discover what’s possible with these new game-changing AI technologies from HubSpot.


HubSpot AI Content Assistant

The HubSpot AI Content Assistant shares similarities with ChatGPT, using AI to generate blog posts, marketing emails, social captions, and other written pieces of digital content in a matter of seconds.

Benefits of HubSpot AI Content Assistant

We specifically like the HubSpot AI Content Assistant compared to other AI writing platforms because you can effortlessly "draft," edit, and share content directly within your HubSpot portal, creating a seamless and integrated experience.

No need to juggle between different platforms — everything you require is conveniently available within HubSpot.Benefits of HubSpot AI

Some other benefits of the HubSpot AI Content Assistant tool include:

  • Accelerated content creation
  • Effortless ideation
  • Personalized recommendations

With this transformative tool at our disposal, the LAIRE team is excited to lead the charge into the future of AI content marketing.

Traditional Writing vs AI Writing

So, what’s the difference between traditional writing and AI writing? The main difference is the time it takes to create a draft.

In contrast to traditional content writing, which could take anywhere from a few hours to several days, HubSpot's Content Assistant revolutionizes the process, allowing you to achieve a rough draft in just a few clicks.Traditional content writing vs Content Assistance

Say you’re a marketing manager for a leading car battery manufacturer. Instead of facing the challenges of manual content creation, you or your team could leverage the AI Content Assistant to swiftly generate engaging content about the nuances of car batteries.

This would not only save you valuable time but also ensure a consistent stream of high-quality content that resonates with your target audience. Having HubSpot AI Content Assistant by your side, content creation would become a breeze — equipping you to stay ahead of the curve and make a lasting impression in your industry.

Now, let’s take a look at the HubSpot ChatSpot capabilities.



ChatSpot is an AI-based chat system that easily works alongside your sales, marketing, and customer service teams to maximize productivity.

Benefits of HubSpot’s ChatSpot

Imagine ChatSpot as your all-in-one virtual assistant that can pull data and information in a snap.

  • Need help finding a certain contact in the system? No problem!
  • Want to draft a reply email to a customer? Done.
  • Need to pull a monthly report from last November? ChatSpot is on it.

The advantages of this technology are boundless, and we firmly believe that technologies like ChatSpot will soon redefine the landscape of sales and marketing. Our favorite benefits of this technology include:

  • Quick status updates
  • Estimated forecasting
  • Reporting made easy
  • Accelerated lead management
  • And more!

Traditional Methods vs AI Assistant

In the past, your internal teams may have struggled with time-consuming tasks like sifting through contacts or crafting reply emails. But now, with ChatSpot on board, these tedious activities are handled instantly — and effortlessly.

Bid farewell to the days of bogging down your sales reps with lead management or getting lost in a sea of reports. ChatSpot clears the way, making sure your team's valuable time is optimized for high-impact endeavors that fuel your business's progress and prosperity.


Best Practices for Using HubSpot AI Tools Effectively

"Okay, LAIRE team. I must admit, this all sounds great, but I'm feeling a bit uncertain about where to start with AI…"

No need to fret — we completely understand. Embracing a newer technology can be intimidating, but we're here to guide you every step of the way.

Let's explore the top ways you can unlock the full potential of HubSpot’s Content Assistant and ChatSpot.Best Practices for Using HubSpot AI Tools

Know Your Objectives

To keep your AI system aligned with your future goals, it's essential to have a clear understanding of your objectives. Teaching the AI the nuances of your business becomes more effective when you provide it with precise guidance based on your unique vision.

Host Trainings

We understand that team-wide adoption can pose challenges, especially when your team is accustomed to specific operations.

To facilitate a smooth adoption, we recommend conducting a comprehensive training session on this new technology. This training will provide your team with the necessary knowledge and confidence to embrace the AI tools seamlessly.

Continuously Monitor

If you want to optimize your AI tools, you will want to regularly assess the AI tool's performance and impact on your workflows. This will also be the time to gather feedback from your team to identify areas of improvement and implement adjustments for enhanced results.

Experiment and Innovate

Don't be afraid to explore different settings and features to find what works best for your unique needs. To make the most of the AI tools, you will need to embrace innovation and be open to discovering new ways to leverage AI technology in your day-to-day workflows.

Jump Right In

One of the best ways to customize the AI tools to perfectly suit your needs is to dive in and just start using them. As you actively engage with the system, the AI model will learn and grow from past inputs, constantly improving its performance.

With these valuable tips and recommendations, you'll be well on your way to successfully customizing and maximizing the benefits of your HubSpot AI tools.


Unleash the Power of AI With HubSpot's New Tools

Did you know that the AI market is expected to grow twentyfold by 2030? In addition, a significant 35% of companies have already embraced AI in their business operations, while 42% of businesses are actively exploring its potential. Unleash the Power of AI With HubSpot's New Tools

This means that if you haven’t yet considered implementing AI into your business — it’s time to start.

With ChatSpot and Content Assistant in our arsenal, we are thrilled to be part of a revolutionary crew that is transforming the very fabric of marketing and sales practices as we know it. From crafting captivating blogs to effortlessly managing customer contact information, the new HubSpot AI tools are sure to be catalysts for unprecedented efficiency and success.

Want to learn more about using AI to rev up your marketing efforts? Our free AI marketing prompts will help you use tools like Content Assistant and ChatGPT like a boss, so you can do more with less.

Leverage the Power of AI

Stephanie Kidd

Stephanie Kidd

Stephanie is the Senior Editorial Content Manager at LAIRE and helps ensure clients' content is engaging, precise, and designed to generate growth. With content marketing experience in the medical, legal, SaaS, construction, and manufacturing industries (to name a few), she brings a well-rounded knowledge base and skill set to the team. When Stephanie's not writing or editing, she's doing keyword research and helping clients improve their SEO.